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Workout of the week – High volume Push

You may have heard of some people doing different body part splits. Some people may train chest, back and biceps, legs then shoulders and triceps. Others may do a full body workout every time they go in the gym. Some people do other splits to focus on weak muscles.

One of my favourite workout splits is a push, pull, legs split. This is based around movement patterns rather than muscle groups. On the first day you perform exercises where you are pushing the weights away from you, on the next you do all of the exercises where you are pulling weights towards you, and on the third day you do all of the lower body exercises.

This split is very effective for gaining strength and size as well as being very good for fat loss if done correctly. Generally with this split you stick to basic compound exercises. This makes it fantastic for strength gains.

For this weeks workout of the week I will discuss with you a great high volume Push workout to really work the shoulders, chest and triceps. This workout will hit all different muscle fibres, recruit different motor neurons, work all 3 energy systems and potentially improve strength, size and muscular endurance.

So lets get started:

Standing barbell push press + press ups super set
3 x (10, 8, 6, 4, 2 each)

To get the joints and muscles warmed up we will start with a super set of push press and press ups. Get a bar that you could do roughly 12-15 push press reps before you reach failure. You will perform 10 reps with it then immediately put the bar on the floor and preform press ups with your hands on the bar. Once you have done 10 press ups you will get back up and perform 8 push press. Repeat this process down to 2 reps. Take 1 minute rest and repeat the whole process 3 times.

Flat Bench press + Side lateral raise super set
5 sets – bench x 10, lateral raise x 15 – 1 minute rest in between sets

Weighted bench dips + Floor flyes super set
5 sets – Dips x to failure, flyes x 10

Perform dips on parallel bars to failure, then immediately lay down on the floor and perform flyes with a weight that is as heavy as you can manage for 10 reps.

Behind neck seated barbell press + plate front raises super set
5 sets – Press x 10, raise x 15

Medicine ball close grip push ups + med ball throws super set
5 sets – press ups to failure, throws x 15

Place your hands on a medicine ball and perform close grip press ups to failure. Then immediately kneel roughly 2 metres away from a solid wall and throw the ball in a chest press manner against the wall. Repeat this motion 15 times. Throw as powerfully as you can with every rep.


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