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Every single month there are new supplements coming onto the market. There are new brands emerging and established brands just looking to expand their range.


With all of these new products coming out it is sometimes hard to see through all of the average products and pick out the truly great and innovative new supplements. I am always keeping my eyes out for new and exciting products and there have been a few recently that have caught my eye.


In order for a new supplement to stand out for me it has to have a few qualities. It needs to be either totally unique and revolutionary, or it needs to be a greater improvement on something that already exists. There is no point just releasing a new product that does exactly the same thing as a number of other products on the market. It either has to do the same job but far better, or create a new job entirely.


The 3 new products I have chosen to share with you today fit this perfectly. One of them is a revolutionary new idea that is set to take the supplement industry by storm. The other 2 are simply great improvements on previously existing products.


So here are my top 3 new products.


Anabolic Designs Matador –


Matador is a Glucose disposal Agent (GDA) That will enhance the effects of insulin and help your body store glucose as glycogen in the muscle, improving muscle fullness, pumps, increased vascularity and lean gains!

The potent formula in matador uses only the finest natural, research backed ingredients to ensure maximum results in your weight management and muscle primer goal. Matador the muscle primer will help you achieve a leaner and fuller physique!

Ingredients in Matador aim to

-    Lower Fat storage
-    Improve Muscle Nutrient Uptake
-    Improve Insulin Sensitivity
-    Increase uptake of creatine and amino acids
-    Stabilise blood sugar and reduce insulin spikes


Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body. Being able to manipulate insulin will potentially allow for amazing muscle gains, muscle fullness, improved performance and fat loss. If you are looking to increase lean muscle mass without the fat gain then matador is a must have supplement. It does what no other supplement on the market today does and it does it well. Initial reports of Matador have been incredibly positive and it is proving to live up to the hype.



PhD Pharma Pure


Pharma Pure from PhD Nutrition contains protein from only one major source, Whey Protein Isolate. The purest form of Whey Protein available, Whey Protein Isolate contains the least amount of naturally occurring fat or carbohydrates of all the Whey Protein varieties.  This makes Pharma Pure a great choice of protein powder for those seeking minimal lactose content and of course, a pure protein source that has been traditionally recognised as providing a superb source of fast acting amino acids.


PhD Pharma pure is one of the highest percentage protein powders available. At over 80% protein it is a fantastic option for anyone on a low carb diet or just someone who wants a protein shake without all the additional unnecessary carbs and fats that so many other shakes contain.


The Pharma pure is also the nicest tasting whey isolate shake I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It mixes easily in a shaker and is a great shake for post workout.



Ronnie Coleman Myo-Blitz -


Ronnie Coleman, 8 x Mr Olympia has now turned his efforts to the supplement market, transferring his years of experience to help others via his new product line.

Myo-Blitz is a sugar free/ low carb pre-workout formula consisting of high quality ingredients to assist the user to have an intense workout with heightened mental focus. This supplement is one which you can FEEL working soon after you have taken it .

Included within Ronnie Coleman's Myo-Blitz is 'Astragin' which has been shown to amplify the production of nitric oxide increase the absorption of vitamins, minerals, glucose and amino acids - a great addition for when your body is undergoing intense exercise.

I have used many pre-workout drinks over the last few years and none have given me the results and effects that the myo-blitz has. Many pre-workouts give a huge rush of energy then die off very quickly. The myo-blitz gives strong but sustained energy throughout the full workout with no crash afterwards. The pump is insane and the strength gains I have seen in the 4 weeks of using it are astounding. With a lot of pre-workouts you will find that the effects start to wear off within a couple of weeks of use. The myo-blitz is as effective now after 4 weeks as it was on the first serving.



So if you have a bit of money left over on your supplement budget this month I strongly urge you to check out one of these 3 fantastic new products.



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