AC's Story - Part 2 - London

If you are reading this article then it is most likely that you have read part one. If you haven’t you can find it here:


If you cant be bothered to read about the first part of my journey to fitness superstar then the overview is this. I grew up, wanted to be a fitness superstar, worked at monster supplements then moved to London. That leads us to this point in my journey.


After moving to London and starting work on fitmag I decided to enjoy an easy life for a while. I basically woke up, wrote a fitmag article, e-mailed fitness type people, researched a bit for more articles, trained in the gym and filmed the workout, made a workout video, e-mailed some more people then chilled. This was my daily routine for about 4 weeks. After 4 weeks I was incredibly bored of just staying at home and working so I decided that my article writing and general quest to become a fitness superstar could be benefitted from a PT course. I thought I could learn a lot and it would help with my personal interaction and advice giving. I could test new training techniques and diets on clients and then write about them on fitmag.


I researched the best PT courses and joined up to the best one that I could find. I started the course on weekend learning and was keen to develop some skills as a personal trainer. I had always trained people in the gym just out of pure love of training. I got all of my friends into training and prided myself on my ability to get the best out of them in the gym. However I wanted to become a professional so thought that I must have a lot more to learn. It turned out I was wrong. After a few weeks on the course I realized that in order to become a personal trainer you need absolutely no knowledge on diet, training or supplements at all. All you need to do is pay for the course and not be a complete donkey when it comes to talking to people. The level of information given and the standard of training that PTs are given is shocking. I did no work whatsoever and got over 96% in all of the exams. After passing the course (obviously) I decided that I wanted to become a PT unlike all of the other people that just paid for a course and expected to be able to train people. I wanted to know everything there was to know about training so that I felt I was worth every penny that people paid me.


I got my first job in a gym very quickly. I started working in easy gym (a new chain of budget gyms). It was fantastic. I was living my dream of training people for a living. When I wasn’t training people in the gym I was at home writing fitmag articles or reading about new training techniques. I signed up to strength and conditioning courses and bought books on training. Since starting at easy gym I have developed a large client base of regular clients and have had phenomenal success with many of them.


After a while of training in the gym with clients I decided to try something new. I realized that there was a lot of opportunity for online coaching and advice. The only thing I needed was a website and an initial launch for my services. I knew the perfect way to get people talking about me was to do something amazing with myself. This would prove that I could walk the walk and I really knew what I was doing. This was when I decided to do my 7 week transformation.


My transformation could not have been more of a success. I achieved the best condition of my life in an incredibly short period of time. I posted my results on my facebook page and AC transformation training was launched.


After launching the facebook page I was flooded with inquiries into coaching and programme writing. This added a new dimension to my career and is something that I am extremely passionate about.


So that brings us up to today. This is my story and this is what has helped me to gain the knowledge I share with you today.


I hope you enjoyed reading about me and continue to enjoy reading my articles.



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