AC's Story - Part 1 - Monster supplements

Due to the fact that I write all of these articles and expect you to take what I am saying as true and well informed, I feel it is only right that I give you some background into my life and what led me to the point I am at now.


I have had many experiences in the health and fitness industry and fee that these experiences have led me to being able to share a relatively large amount of knowledge with you fine readers.

My training started when I was 14. You can read the article on my first training experience here:


As soon as I started training in the gym I knew that I wanted to make it my life and career. I was so focused on this goal that I started reading and researching everything that I could in regards to training, diet and supplements. I tried as many different training methods as possible and although my diet was far from perfect for many of the first few years I tried and tested many different foods and diets.


My first experience with working in the fitness industry came as a result of a supplement shop in hull which was owned by monster supplements. My friends and I would go in there probably 3 times per week to just look around and ask the staff about the supplements. I remember skipping out of 6th form all the time to go there and see if there were any new supplements out.


I achieved good results in my A-levels (especially PE) and had considered going to university to study sports science. However I wanted a break from studying so decided to get a job instead. I ended up with 3 jobs working in retail, behind a bar and in a newsagent. Not exactly the fitness guru career that I had in mind. I decided that I needed to get a job at the monster store in hull. So I decided to start asking. I went to the monster store every week and asked for a job. Eventually after many annoying visits the MD, Mark Bowering said that they were moving premises soon and there may be a position for me. He took my e-mail address and said he would send me some details. I remember sitting for 12 hours pressing refresh on my laptop every 5 minutes. Eventually I got offered a contract and I started on 13th January 2009.


I started off at monster as an adviser online. After a few weeks of learning the products and developing the ability to speak to people and advise them effectively on supplements, training and diet, I was moved into the store. This job was like heaven for me. I was running the store that I had been going to for advice for years. This is where I really expanded my knowledge. I would sit and read every single supplement in there to find out its nutritionals, ingredients and effects. I learnt to advise people effectively on what they needed and would see people regularly to see if my advice was working. I absolutely loved it in that store. I sold the supplements that I thought worked and I learnt what brands and products were good and which ones were total rubbish.


Alongside the shop I was also assigned to create a forum for monster and run it. This is where started. Fitforum is probably my proudest achievement to date. It started out with just 1 member (me) and now has over 70,000. We have run many body challenges and had prizes as amazing as sending the winner to the mr Olympia in Las Vegas.


After a year and a half of running the shop I was moved onto bigger things in monster. I was moved up to run the wholesale department. The wholesale department distributed to gyms and supplement websites. I enjoyed this job but I missed the customer interaction. I missed helping people and knowing that I was contributing to them achieving their goals.


After a while of working on the wholesale department Mark told me about an idea he had. He wanted to give something back to the loyal Monster customers. He had an idea for an online magazine that he called Fitmag. It was a brilliant idea. I knew instantly that I wanted to work on it. Mark however had already hired someone. A very good writer and Editor called Adam Gethin. I thought I had missed my chance. After a couple of months I was having a bit of an early life crisis. I wanted to move out of my home, I wasn’t enjoying my job anymore and I wanted a change. It was then that I decided to quit everything and move to London to pursue a career in personal training. However Mark was to give me the best possible leaving present. He sat me down and told me that he wanted me to help with Fitmag. I could do it from London and could carry on doing what I loved, helping and advising determined gym goers.


So I moved to London to work on fitmag and pursue a new chapter of my life.


The story continues in part 2…

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