8 Weeks To Go With Sian Toal!!

I've just gone past the 8 week mark in getting ready for my next show. It's becoming almost a military procedure but it's great how quickly it becomes habit and I don't actually mind the repetitiveness! It’s actually quite comforting! What I mean by that is, I'm taking the right steps, following the plan, doing my training every day and I'm not letting myself down, creating excuses, or giving myself any reason not to achieve. Change is always difficult to get your head around, but you either DO or DO NOT, no in between. Otherwise there's no result. Here's a few things I've been working on to help me get where I want to be, ready to compete this year.
Know your vices
I love sweet things and chocolate is a fave! I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a giant Toblerone sitting in my fridge for after the show...! It’s my reward at the end of the first stage of the journey. However, it will stay there until the end of August until I've earned it! In the meantime, the calories, fat and sugar that it’s made of will hinder my progress, it’s not part of the diet so I don't eat it. This time I've decided to avoid chocolate and sugar altogether as when it comes to the once weekly cheat meal, a little sugar could spiral into A LOT. Now, normally I'll have a little treat every now and then, but it's going to be much more worth it at the end of the journey when I've stuck to the plan and I appreciate the treat! It's a challenge for me also and the less I have the more my palate changes and the easier it becomes.
Stop moaning about it!
When embarking on a new plan, do it for yourself and avoid moaning about it to anyone who'll listen. A trainer friend of mine always used to answer my 'hello, how are you?' question, with a rundown of what he'd eaten so far that day and what he was not allowing himself to eat. To be honest, I couldn't care less about what he had or hadn’t eaten that day and I bet your friends and family don't about your meals either! Occasionally, others are interested so fire away on the details if they're genuinely asking! If you're changing your lifestyle, the challenge is making it a fun, liveable lifestyle. Just accept, this is what you're eating for a desired result. If you're bored of the food, shake it up a bit! The more you moan about what you can't eat, the more frustrated you'll get with yourself. Deprivation is not the key....eat to fuel, repair and function. Discover new recipes, share ideas and find your way to make it work. Focus on WHAT you are eating and WHY you're eating it.
Positive thoughts
Put a positive spin on everything you do and you'll be surprised at how quickly everything becomes more rosy! You're heading out for a run; it starts chucking it down with rain. You'll get wet. So what? You'll dry. Makes the run more dramatic..... Got DOMS? Embrace it! That's a reward for working hard and next time you'll be stronger. Gym busy? Be innovative and varied in your workout that day.
All you've got to do is eat what you have to eat and train hard. It's not rocket science.....
Establish your routine
In the morning I know the timing of everything I do and a well-rehearsed routine has clicked into place. Prep as much as you can the night before. Pre and post training supplements already in the shaker, food all prepped (should be a given) water bottled filled and in the fridge, gym bag packed, training schedule already planned. The rest is easy! All you have to do....is do it.....

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