3 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired!

Do ever have days where you feel lazy, fatigued and there is no apparent reason as to why you feel this way? You may well have had a relaxing day, had 9 hours sleep and when you wake you feel absolutely drained as though you have been hit by a train!! When I used to feel like this I thought I was just being lazy so I would grab a coffee or four with my breakfast and get on with it. However as I became more focused on being a GREAT trainer I decided I needed to know everything about everything and learn from the best. Since learning from the likes of Nick Mitchell, UK’s number 1 trainer and Charles Poliquin I soon learned there are reasons (there usually are) why some of us feel this way. This may not excite some of you, but it really gets to me when I feel sleepier than sleeping beauty on sleeping pills in the day – when I have not neglected my rest!!

Food Intolerance

It is estimated that as many of 60% of the population have a food intolerance which they are not aware of. How many times do you hear people say that when they eat certain foods they feel ‘’funny’’ or ‘’unwell’’ – coincidence? Apparently not! Whether or not in ‘’generic’’ terms a specific food is healthy if you have an intolerance to it then it is certainly NOT healthy for you to eat it. This could mean eggs, oats, beef or literally anything – if you are intolerable then sack it.


How often will somebody tell you their diet is healthy? Loads, I hear it all the time but upon closer inspection it is generally poor!! If somebody is deficient in certain minerals then this can lead to hyper-fatigue very quickly. Magnesium is a very common micronutrient which people are deficient in and as a result their body cannot absorb vitamin B-12 for instance which equates to feeling very tired. The best way to test for food intolerances and deficiencies is to have a comprehensive metabolic profile test done by your doctor.


Neurotransmitters are like signalling signs within the body, they tell it how it should feel and how it should react in accordance to this. However it can be common for your neurotransmitter populations to become suppressed, especially when you are over training, under resting and under eating. To help get over this issue make sure you incorporate deload weeks within your training schedule. It would also be advisable to eat plenty of healthy fats and antioxidant rich berries to help combat inflammation and free radicals.

Next time you feel like a sleepy head, ask yourself if you think any of the above points could be relevant to you.

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