Volume Training For Fat Loss!

High volume weight training for fat loss

This article is very important to me as it
is one of the methods and principles that I Use with all of my clients and even
on myself when I am undergoing a fat loss transformation.

If your goal is to drop body fat but
maintain or even build muscle then read on. I have the answer.

I must remind you first that the most
important factor in achieving your physique goals is diet, but that does not
take anything away from training. Without the correct forms of training your
progress will be slow or next to nothing even with the best diet.

When it comes to training for fat loss I
see people making the same mistakes every day. I work in a gym as a personal
trainer and I see the same people or types of people day in, day out on the
treadmill, bike or cross trainer just idly stepping away like a robot with no
drive to succeed. The reason they look so despondent is that they have been
spending over an hour per day in the gym for months with the goal of losing
body fat but have actually got nowhere. It is a vicious circle for them as it
is the cardio only training that is hindering their progress and therefore
leaving them fed up and unwilling to try anything new or more difficult.

I have had many conversations with these
people, urging them to try a weights routine that I would write them for free
but they all declined. They insisted that they wanted to drop fat, not build
muscle, so they should do cardio and not weights. It was incredibly frustrating
for me to listen to such ignorance but I keep trying none the less.

You see, they could not have been any
further from the truth in their statements. If fat loss is your goal then
weights are the answer.

There are 3 main things to consider when
thinking about training for fat loss:

Number of calories burnt in the

  • Increase in BMR after the
  • Hormonal response to the

    I will discuss these 3 points and show why
    weight training is optimal for fat loss.


    Calories burnt in the session:


    Cardio burns calories. That is a fact.
    There is no denying it. Most cardio machines even give you a number on the
    screen of how many calories you have burnt (it is always wrong but that is
    irrelevant right now). You must not forget though that weight training burns
    just as many calories, if not more than cardio. If you are doing a workout that
    consists of over 500 repetitions and using decent weights, the amount of energy
    required to lift those weights for such a vast number of repetitions is huge.
    That energy comes almost entirely from calories. It is also very easy to slack
    off whilst on a stationary bike or cross trainer. To just pedal away in a slow
    and gentle manner. It is far less easy to slack off under a squat bar or with
    100kg above your head.


    Metabolic increase post-workout:


    There are a number of studies showing
    conclusive evidence that weight training or high intensity training will
    increase your metabolism by up to 12% for many hours after a workout. Cardio
    was shown to raise it by up to 6% but only for a matter of 2 hours. If you
    imagine you have a 10-12% faster metabolism all the time, your will achieve a
    10% greater calorie deficit per day and potentially drop fat at a far faster
    rate. Regular weight training will keep your body in fat burning mode for a
    much larger percentage of the time whilst outside the gym.


    Hormone response:


    Your hormones are the most important factor
    in dropping body fat. If your hormones are imbalanced or you have high
    estrogen/low testosterone etc then you will struggle to lose body fat and risk losing
    muscle. You must watch out for hormones like cortisol which is extremely
    catabolic and will break down muscle for energy rather than fat stores. Long
    duration cardio will empty your muscles of their glycogen stores and start to
    break down the amino acids in the muscle for energy. Your body will be full of
    cortisol and you will end up achieving the opposite effect to what you desired.
    Doing shorter weights workouts at much higher intensity will not lead to this
    happening. As well as this if you are doing fast paced weights workouts you
    will massively increase growth hormone secretion. When your body releases
    lactic acid, your growth hormone levels spike. This increased growth hormone
    will increase the rate at which your body uses fats for energy (lipolysis).


    If you are wondering what I mean by a high
    volume weights workout then check out this example for legs. It relies on very
    short rests, high reps, many sets to failure, lots of sets and most importantly
    maximum effort.


    -AC-‘s high volume legs workout:


    machine squats + squat jumps superset:

    3 x 10kg each side

    15 reps under bar + 20 squat jumps

    take off 10kg each side, back under bar

    15 reps squat + 20 squat jumps

    take 10kg off each side, back under bar

    25 reps + 20 squat jumps

    ((((((repeat 3 times)))))))

    Reverse lunge to high knee + jump lunge superset:

    incase you dont know what that is its these:


    holding 10kg each hand:

    20 reps of lunges, drop dumbbells, 20 reps of jumps

    ((((((repeat 3 times)))))

    plyometic leg press:

    really slow down then explode up and let the press
    come off your feet for a split second.

    max weight for 15 reps. when you cant do anymore
    where the weight comes off your feet do 10 normal reps.

    ((((( repeat 3 times)))))))



    I guarantee that if you do a workout like
    that 3-4 times per week instead of cardio every day you will lose fat at a much
    greater rate, as well as becoming stronger, fitter and maintaining muscle far
    more effectively.



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