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For the last 6 months or so I have planned to start a new transformation but due to one reason or another I haven’t managed to – this doesn’t mean I have been binging on cookies and ice cream, it just means I have indulged myself occasionally whilst eating good quality meals every 3 hours without any exercise other than weight training for hypertrophy. Finally the time has come and I have started which I am now making it public knowledge. Knowing that I was travelling to India for 12 weeks to transform an actor I thought it was the perfect time to start, and I have. Basically I wanted to give you an insight into my plans, my obstacles and my goals with this transformation.
It has been very tough eating every 3 hours for me because my appetite has gone from that of a starved lion to an overfed mousse – I could happily fast for days right now. However, as of yesterday I started eating properly and to really get my appetite back I am eating around 300g of complex carbs a day to get that metabolism firing. Already I can feel the effect and I am beginning to clock watch as to when I am allowed to eat my next meal.
My environment in India is VERY different to the UK as you can imagine – there are pluses and minuses. The negative aspects are that my stomach is very sensitive to food here (even clean meat) having suffered a stomach infection on my first day here! To combat this I am eating pineapple 1-2 times a day which contains a digestive enzyme known as Bromelain. This also helps with the absorption of protein in the digestive tract. The main positive point is that I shouldn’t have any issues getting my meals in because I have the luxury of a chef on hand and the meals are delivered to my apartment.
Due to the fact I have a gym within the complex I live and a driver I am able to train as frequently as I want outside of my working hours with FitMag and my client. With that said I am certainly going to be using twice day resistance training on certain body parts such as my arms. This will be a variation on my own hybrid of Y3T training. This will be very strenuous on my body and CNS so I will compensate accordingly with very high dosages of amino acids and BCAAs.
So what am I trying to achieve to determine whether or not this transformation has been a success or not? Last year my transformation was all about getting lean and I went from 19% body fat to 8% which I guess means I won. This year however, I want to gain noticeable size in my weak areas which are my chest, calves, and hamstrings as well as get sub 10% body fat. This is a very tall order but I am prepared to give it my best shot.
Next week I will give you the low down on my first week, how it all went and what I have actually been up to.

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