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Introducing July's transformation winner of the month, Simon Roshdy! Checkout out his amazing story and pictures below!

-your training:
kept my same weight training program from when i was bulking slightly before hand, was just a typical bb program, compounds followed by isolations all straight sets. i actually didnt do much cardio tbh for the first 2 months id have half a my shake before my cardio pwo of 20mins (yep 20mins, I hate cardio!). I've tried fasted morning cardio/pwo and noticed no difference. Upped the cardio to 30mins in the last month to go into "overdrive" haha. I did a 4 day split, monday - chest and bi's followed by 20mins cardio. Tuesday- legs. Wednesday- abs then 20mins cardio. Thursday - shoulders and tris followed by 20mins cardio. Friday- back and traps. Sat - HIIT cardio. Sunday off.

-your diet:
set an amount of carbs for the day, had 15% at brekky, 35% pre workout, 25% pwo shake and 25% pwo meal 45mins after my shake, all other meals were protein, veg and fat, . sorry about the essay! Occasional cheat meals, every 2-4 weeks or something (I'd change this to more if I did it now, probably follow the skiploading protocol which i did after the cut and worked so so well)

-what inspired you
well as you can see, i was overweight in the first picture, i got bullied alot from about year 2 all through to the end of secondary school so about 9-10 years. my dad and mum also have alot of health issues so i just about had enough of everything and once i got started i loved every minute of it and was just 100% focused on the end goal :)

-what supps you used
Supps where boditronics express pre workout with oats, green tea extract and caffiene (only added caffiene when I needed it) post workout was either ON whey or MP whey with waxy maize starch, prebed was ZMA and either cottage cheese or boditronics express and peanut butter. hope this helps :)

-any advice you would give to others
Listen to your body, itll tell you all you need to know! Also, dont go too hard when you first kick yourself into gear, take your time and enjoy the journey, you'll end up finding out so much about yourself you never knew before. set yourself goals, and when times get hard, remember them.

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