Training For Rapid Fat Loss In 3 Easy Steps!

Like it or not most of us have to do some form of ‘’cardio’’ exercise when fat loss is the goal! The type of exercise which choose could be the difference between getting abs and not, getting into that dress or feeling confident on your wedding day perhaps. There are occasions in all of our lives which we can relate to where burning body fat becomes a priority. Today I wanted to share with you my own ‘’cardio’’ techniques and why I believe they will help you, having helped many people transform their physiques from ‘’zero to hero’’ in a relatively short space of time.
Intervals For Gold
In my experience with transformations using interval training is possibly the most effective way to burn body fat, especially when coupled with conventional weight hypertrophy training. To be more specific I would recommend taking a look at strong men workouts and taking a similar approach, needless to say without the Hercules poundages. If you can replicate something similar to a strong man event, for example clean & press, rope & tire drags across 25 metres, 25 metre sprints with a weighted sled and to finish squats you will burn calories like a furnace burns highly flammable coal!!
However, following this type of cardio everyday isn’t an option for most us because we train hard in the gym too with weights. As a result the level of DOMS we are experiencing on a continuous basis prohibits us from this kind of cardio workout every day. I would recommend doing a workout like this 3 times a week, in the morning to get the body going and I would also encourage you to schedule it on a non-weight training day.
Old School Steady State
With things like Cross-Fit, MMA circuits and the above aforementioned style of ‘’cardio’’ good old steady state cardio is becoming more redundant in people’s lives. However I would argue that it still has its place. Number one, it is the first type of cardio I would recommend you do when your muscles are in no shape to do anything more intense – imagine you went through a DTP leg workout 12 hours ago, I don’t think circuits are on the cards, nor sprints for that matter!!
At least 3 times a week I would also recommend including a good 30-40 minute walk first thing in the morning as this also does wonders for your mental mind-set – enabling you to focus on the day ahead and have some ‘’you’’ time.
Sprint, Sprint, Sprint
Sprinting is a firm favourite of mine with most of my clients, but there are times when it cannot be used, much like circuits generally for the 2-3 days following a leg workout. As a result I like to include 1-2 good sprint workouts a week in my clients ‘’cardio’’ schedule normally, where they will punch out a sprint for 10 seconds, rest for 30 and repeat for 20-25 minutes. You lose calories quicker than the Bank of England is losing money!!

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