The Truth About Myostatin!

Isn’t it funny how we learn about new things which could potentially help with muscle growth, fat loss and strength and it makes us realise how much we didn’t know just a few months ago! Recently as part of my avid daily routine for FitMag I have been studying about Myostatin. This has to be one of the most interesting topics I have learned about for a long time because there is so much to extract from gaining an understanding of it, and how to train appropriately in order to have a positive effect on overall body composition. Without further ado, let me give you the low down on Myostatin.
What Is Myostatin?
Simply put myostatin is a protein which lives in our skeletal muscle however it has the potential to bind to other cells within our muscle fibres. Its role is to inhibit the development of ‘’excess’’ muscle within our bodies, however some of us seem to have been unfairly dealt a whopping dose of it at birth. As you might expect a lot of the world’s strongest men, pro bodybuilders and even the world’s most powerful animals have lower levels of myostatin which allows for their abnormal levels in strength and muscular hypertrophy. There have been documentaries on young children with low myostatin deficiencies and their freakish levels of strength, which is often a multiple of their peers.
So are we right in thinking that if we could somehow decrease our myostatin levels we would then be able to unlock new levels of strength and size? In theory, you are damn right we are!!
The thing is, you need to look at myostatin like a growth blocker and to take your physique to the next level you want to suppress the volumes of this protein within your system. Of course, I am referring to natural measures which you can take to help achieve this.
Declaring War Against Myostatin
So should we eat differently and train differently to attack our myostatin levels? Several studies which have been conducted support varying notions on the best way to achieve this, however the one ‘’stand out’’ point in all the studies is your application of training. Myostatin levels are directly linked to your levels of subcutaneous fat levels and it is thought that if you can decrease these levels the myostatin shall follow – begrudgingly.
The style of training followed in the successful studies used a vast range of repetitions, weights, rest periods and were extremely intense. Sound familiar? Of course, our beloved DTP training fits the bill perfectly. In fact one of DTP’s benefits is the ability to help reduce subcutaneous fat levels which explains why athletes who use it regularly are able to achieve feathering in muscle groups which otherwise wouldn’t have this level of conditioning. In effect you are burning fat from the inside out, and as a result you are also bringing down your myostatin levels.
What Next?
As well as the other many key benefits of DTP training it is the very fact that it allows you to attack your subcutaneous fat levels and myostatin levels which makes it so effective, in my mind. With that said I would recommend using DTP training for the next 4 weeks running and see if there isn’t a noticeable change in body composition – I would guess that there will be!!
Recapping On DTP
If you are not familiar with DTP it follows a strict repetition range structure which allows for mammoth changes in body composition. Take any body part and use the following repetition range, keeping the rest periods to 45-60 seconds initially, and up to 120 seconds as you increase the weight!!
50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
Often you will only use one exercise, however you can also superset antagonistic muscle groups at the same time to double the volume.
With that said I will leave you to it – just remember we want to bring those myostatin levels down to grow!!

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