The Secret To Fat Loss - Lifestyle Change

When it comes to my advice for optimum fat loss I find my answers
conflict with the expectations of the people who ask me about my regime. To achieve
my 6.4% body fat they think I must starve myself and use ‘’magic supplements’’
which nobody knows about. All I do is eat regularly, around every 2-3 hours and
more importantly I focus on the right nutritional values of each meal and the specific
timing of each meal. Personally I weigh every piece of food out because this
was instilled in me by my trainer but I also think a cup size is a great
yardstick if you cannot be bothered to weigh your foods.

In relation to volumes of food and their nutritional content
you eat you need to realise that although the calorie content may be much lower
the values of the macronutrients are much greater. For example, an average
burger chain meal will have 1,300 calories which equates to about 4-5 of my
meals. Of course my calorie intake changes and I don’t always focus on calories
alone, yet I always remain mindful of the fact that calories do count.

Understanding the different macronutrient groups is essential
– most people won’t even know what these are and how they work differently with
your body. For example, you will often see people snack on sugary things like
chocolate but then become hungry again shortly after because the blood sugar
crash stimulates hunger. Understanding small pieces of information like this
helps a lot. It is all about making the correct food choices with foods like
lean meats, low GI carbohydrates and healthy fats featuring heavily in your

There is also no reason why you cannot enjoy your diet
because there are many healthy recipes here on FitMag. This helps keep you
satisfied during a healthy lifestyle change and it also makes cheating far less
likely which helps keep you on track.

Friends of mine follow very low calorie diets to lose weight
quickly but what they fail to realise is that without making a lifestyle change
they will always yo-yo diet. Personally I don’t diet, I have gone through a
lifestyle change and this is just normal for me to eat this way.

It is a case of making a change where you eat healthy meals
frequently, every 2-3 hours to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced and
to keep the metabolism firing. Don’t focus on calories alone instead focus on
the nutritional values of each meal you eat. To start with try having a cheat
meal once a week and then as you progress change this to every 2 weeks – before
you know it you will be totally emerged in your new lifestyle. Eventually you
will probably want to avoid cheat meals because you will notice the vast difference
it makes to the way you feel both mentally and physically. Once and for all,
avoid the diet fads which make you lose loads of ‘’weight’’ but not fat and
make the lifestyle change. As a guideline I have included a brief outline of a
typical healthy day’s eating.

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, 50g oats and fruit!

Snack: protein bar or peanut butter and wholemeal toast

Lunch: chicken and brown rice with veg

Snack: protein bar or eggs with wholemeal rice cakes

Dinner- lean steak with sweet potato and veg!

Snack: mix nuts and cottage cheese!







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