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Genetics dictate to a large extent which body parts will develop with ease and which ones will be as stubborn as the last cow to come home. Personally, one of my body parts which seem to grow like a starved plant in super-strong manure is my arms. Having said that I do put a lot of this down to the way I train them and my interpretation of the human body and how I feel arms will best respond to exercise for growth. Today I am going to unveil some of my ideas behind the way I train arms and how you can to implement this in your programme.
Human Evolution
Every muscle group within our body has a specific function and if you look at the things your arms are used for during every day activities you will learn a lot. They are designed to carry things, pick things up and constantly function at relatively low intensities for most of us. However they do possess the potential to develop into extremely strong muscles relatively speaking to other muscle groups. With that said I firmly believe that using a split between heavy, very controlled training forcing myofibrillar hypertrophy and overloading the muscle with extreme volume stimulating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the way forward.
Successful Combinations
Using low reps and high reps on your arm training is one thing, but to get the correct combination is quite another. Personally I feel that following a system where you use strength sets for week 1, and over load the muscles for the next 2 weeks works best – potentially during the fourth week double up and hit low reps in the morning and ultra-high reps in the evening. If you choose to do this, make sure you use up to 40g of BCAAs on the double arm day.
This is a topic I find myself referring back to an awful lot lately, maybe too much but people need to understand the importance of it! Arms can take an absolute battering when it comes to intensity, but this doesn’t mean you need to over train them. Instead on your heavy sets make sure once the muscle has failed you use partial reps and work the negative with great emphasis. Forcing the arm to become stronger is often the route to growth in this instance, in my experience.
With those guidelines set I will leave you absorb some of the points I have made. I would highly recommend you trying this style of training if you are experiencing a plateau in arm growth!

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