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Motivation, motivation, motivation - it is exactly that which keeps us moving forward every day, gives us a reason to get out of bed and move on with our goals. Without motivation we would become idol beings with no purpose or drive to achieve new things.

This month we were really on the hunt for a motivating story which would help lift your level of determination to whole new spehere. Then we came across this. . . . .

A world renowned bodybuilder on the cusp of getting his IFBB Pro Card has gone through some hellish times to get to where he is.

It started with an infection in his spinal cord which lead to him being hospitalised, partially paralysed, then told he was going to die and after he came through that, told he would never walk again! He then refused to accept his fate and began rehab and made astonishing progress, then he was diagnosed with skin cancer.Once the tumors were removed the stitching was then burst due to a poor job by the surgeon.

The point is, this dude had several very good reasons to call it a day - in fact it was nearly taken out of his control, even medically speaking. However he chose not to give up, and that is what you need to take away from this story! Never give up!

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