Motivation Travels In Pairs - 10 Stone Lost In 5 Months!!

When you talk about motivation, inspiration and dedication there are not many couples in the UK who
could sum these words up better than James & Jane! This super couple have
completed the transformation of a lifetime to a point they have actually become
unrecognisable to their friends and family. With that said, FitMag wanted to
get an insight into their mind-set and how they recommend you prepare for the
transformation of your life!

What inspired you both to start?

Our original motivation to start this transformation was twofold.
Firstly, it was through a desire to lose weight. We'd gradually crept up in
weight and felt uncomfortable in our clothes.
Secondly, we’d got into bad habits of drinking during the week as well
as weekends. We'd often come home from work and have a few drinks then at the
weekends we'd have quite a lot to drink and this led to eating badly too.
Having a hangover made us crave bad foods - we'd easily get through 2 extra-large
takeaway pizzas on a Saturday night plus crisps and chocolate then spend all of
Sunday eating takeaways to ease the hangover! We decided that from January we
wanted a fresh start, a new challenge and something to take our minds off
drinking and eating.

What was the ''moment''
which triggered it?

James had been following someone on Facebook who had given
up alcohol, saturated fats, added salt, added sugar and was eating completely
clean for a whole year. It was called the Gymcredible challenge. He was raising
money for Macmillan in doing so. Coming to the end of his own challenge, he was
seeking 5 people to follow the same challenge for 2012 and James applied for it
and was accepted. At that point we knew that for it to work that we both needed
to do it - to support each other but also we knew we needed something drastic
to kick start us into eating well and exercising.

How important was
that ''moment'' to your new lifestyle?

It was a big step for us. It was literally a complete change
in lifestyle to what we'd been used to. We thought about it long and hard and
decided if we were going to do something then we wanted it to be drastic. We
both wanted to prove that there was more to life than drinking and eating and
wanted a hobby that would get us out and about and feeling good about

Going on through your
transformation, how important has motivation been for you?

We've had many sources of motivation. All of which have been
vital to our success. The original motivation was focused around taking our
first 'before' pictures and posting them on the Internet. It repulsed us to see
pictures of ourselves like that and hated the thought of anyone else seeing
them. We also had the motivation behind doing it for charity. We knew that
people were sponsoring us to do it and didn't want to let them down. Posting
monthly progress pictures has been a massive motivation - seeing our bodies
changing. Also, certain people have been very motivational to us - friends,
family, and the other Gymcredible challengers and not to mention Adam our
trainer. Visiting the Body Power expo in May was motivational too, seeing so
many amazing physiques and meeting like-minded people who shared their stories
and gave us advice.

How much weight have
you lost collectively?

We have lost 10 stone between us in 5 months!

What are your main
points of motivation now and during your transformation?

Motivational factors now are striving to not only maintain
but to also progress. We are always looking at new goals and challenges to push
our bodies as far as they can go.

During the challenge, Adam has been a real key to
motivation. I don't think we've ever met someone with the level of enthusiasm
and positivity that he possesses about his work. This in turn has rubbed off on
us. We no longer hit the gym without a plan and instead go in there fully ready
to carry out the job at hand!

What would your
advice be to people in regards to motivation to do what you have done?

I would suggest that you keep a monthly diary with lots of
photos so you can see your progress. Try talking to as many positive people as
possible and learning from them. Pick a role model or people who have inspired
you and follow their progress. Our iPhones are full of inspirational photos and
physiques that impress us. We look at them as motivation for where we want to

In regards to your
eating habits how important has it been to change them?

Eating 7 or 8 small meals a day has been a big factor in not
only weight loss but ensuring muscles can develop and repair efficiently. It's
also helped ensure we've never had time to feel hungry and therefore haven't
been tempted, as well as keeping our metabolisms burning calories. We've eaten
an important mix of carbs, protein and good fats meaning we've got a balanced
diet and haven't cut any major food groups out.

What kind of guidance
have you had with your diet and how has it helped?

From day one it was important to get our diet in order and
used Adam's Nutritional guide to help us stick to foods which we knew would be
beneficial in terms of recovery and health.

What is the basic
outline of your diet which has worked so well??

We've stuck to a high protein diet from day one, however
complex carbs and healthy fats have also been included because when you train
at this kind of intensity the body needs them.

How have you managed
to avoid cheating?

Eating every 2-3 hours means we're constantly satisfied.
That and seeing the month by month progress is a reminder there's no going

In regards to
training what has been your core?

From day one weights have played a huge factor in our
workouts and continue to do so to this day. Combining both Y3T and DTP
principles has really helped sculpt a regime that works for us.

Bizarrely when we started our journey we thought cardio
would play a big factor and we would need to spend hours on the treadmill, but
quite frankly it hasn't. We do go on several walks a week and these give us a
chance to clear our heads and to plan our next workout.

What would you say to
people who don't want to lift weights in case they get too big?

Weights are an essential part of training for both men and
women, without them we would just lose weight. It's important to include
weights into most workouts, with a good body part split as without these types
of exercises it would be impossible to achieve the body you've always dreamed
of! This is especially the case with women as their testosterone levels are
substantially lower than a man's, so don't worry you won't turn in to Mrs
Olympia overnight.

How has the Y3T/DTP
training system helped?

It's given us a great structure to our workouts and helped
us stay regimented to what we need to do that week. Not only that, we also feel
that the rest days fit perfectly for when our bodies want to recover.

The principles behind both training styles are hugely
beneficial in progressing to the next level and really do work in harmony

In regards to
supplements what have you used?

We really only stick to the basics - a good whey protein for
recovery as well as multi vitamins and cod liver oil on a daily basis. Pre and
post workout we've found BCAA's a great way to support muscle recovery.

How much have they

Post workout, when you’re completely drained, shakes have
really helped replenish the body of any nutrients it's just lost during its
severe battering!

Anything else you
want to add?

It's been such an amazing journey, that doesn't stop here!
We are so proud of our new lifestyle and increased health and strength that
there's no turning back now.... this is it for life!

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