Healthy Liver, Better Fat Loss!

There are many diets, many workout programmes and forms of exercises coupled with supplementation that all have the potential to lead to fat loss. However, there are also simple steps we can all take to improve our health which inevitably leads to fat loss as a mere bi-product. One of these simple steps is of course liver detoxification. Today I want to give you a very easy to follow 4 step guide to complete liver detoxification.
Yes water is very important for many reasons including renal health; however I would urge you to sack tap water even if you live in a nice rural location where the water tastes fresh. Why? There are many additives which produce toxins in the blood and as a result your body becomes more prone to storing body fat. Choose purified bottled water to overcome this, easy!
Must I waste the skin on my fingertips writing this? Alcohol is very toxic on your liver so limit it, in fact cut it out of your lifestyle as much as you can. This will have a massively positive effect on your visceral and subcutaneous fat levels.
Berries are super foods because they are generally oozing with free radical, liver toxin busting antioxidants. It is the fact that they have thin skin which forces them to develop more antioxidants to protect themselves from the sun. Having 2 servings of berries a day is advisable in my opinion especially as part of a liver detox programme – they are also very low in calories and are generally low GI.
Milk Thistle
As part of a comprehensive liver cleansing programme I would recommend you all use milk thistle which is one of the best liver detoxifying agents. In fact I would go one step further and recommend Anabolic Designs LiverMilk which contains milk thistle and a host of other ingredients which all contribute towards this goal via different pathways.
Kill two birds with one stone and improve the overall health of your liver and simultaneously enable your body to metabolise body fat like never before!

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