Controlling Your Environment In 5 Easy Steps!

To transform the body it is necessary to diet for prolonged periods of time with the utmost commitment – of course, this requires organisation! Many of my clients could be described as business men with hectic schedules therefore they struggle to stay on top of their eating. With that said we do overcome this with some simple planning and rules to follow. Today I will shares these with you.
6 Pack Bag
Before this comes across like some sly sales pitch in disguise let me tell you, these are life savers when it comes to staying on track! If for example you have a 12 hour day the next day, just put all 5 meals ready cooked in your 6 pack bag, 2-4 shakers with meal replacement powders in the side pockets, nuts, your supplements in the fish tackle tray AND there is even room for some Sport Kitchen QSMs!
These are a must and all of my clients buy them!
Fast Food
Nah, I don’t mean ‘’fast food’’ as in burgers and chips – I wish I did!! Instead I mean food choices which are convenient, can be eaten cold or hot and taste great! We are talking nuts, ready cooked chargrilled chicken, boiled eggs, home-made protein cookies, home-made protein muffins and of course you can use calorie free condiments and sauces freely.
Supplements Food
There are many leading supplement brands who make some amazing tasting products these days which can replace a meal when you’re short on time. PhD Diet Whey bars for example score 11/10 for taste yet their nutritionally perfect for a transformation, as are Sport Kitchen QSMs and Reflex Flapjacks for example.
Plan Ahead
Whenever my clients have a social occasion coming up, say they are going to a work’s do in a restaurant I have them email me the menu on offer. From there I give them options as to what they are allowed to have from the menu, even if it means reshuffling a few of the offerings. I am yet to come across a restaurant where there is no suitable food on offer, even in my hotel in Mumbai right now I have egg omelettes for breakfast!
Although protein powders feature in ALL of my clients diets I limit them to do 2 shakes a day generally, 1 after their workout and the other GENERALLY before bed with some solid food. However when needs must you have to have your ‘’go to’’ meal when there is nothing else on offer. This is why I insist you carry protein powder and MRP sachets wherever you go. In your bag, in your office, in your car, in your luggage, in your partner’s house – everywhere! This way you will never come off track, ever!

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