Arm Blitz - 2 Sided Attack For Size!

Before you think I have fallen and bumped my head just hear me out, I trained my arms TWICE today! That’s right; in the morning I smashed both my biceps and triceps with a heavy duty low volume workout and proceeded to pull every fibre between the fascia in my upper arms to pieces in the evening with a very high volume maximum tension session. Have I ever done this before? NO! Do I think it can potentially contribute towards my quest for shirt bursting arms? Of course! Should you do it? Maybe.
Over Training
This is the first thing which is going to be running through your head! Most of us are drug free athletes who cannot recover over night following a workout which nearly turns our arms numb! This is why this kind of training is an occasional ‘’treat’’ and you must eat and supplement accordingly.
During my first workout I was sipping on liquid aminos through the entire workout and for the latter workout I had 20g of BCCAs before and after. Yes, crazy measures for a crazy workout. For sure the CNS is going to be pushed hard which is why we don’t do this every week.
May I suggest that your protein intake grows to 2g per pound of lean body weight as well for the day before, during and after a workout like this – then it can go back down to 1.5g.
Muscle Fibres & Motor Unit Recruitment
There is nothing quite like this style of training for bringing in a cross-section of muscle fibres into play. The first workout is myofibrillar hypertrophy orientated which helps recruit high threshold motor units, leading to strength and dense size gains. The second workout is very sarcoplasmic hypertrophy based and also helps with large motor unit recruitment due to the maximal levels of effort required of the muscles.
There has been a lot documented about the fascia, can we, can’t we stretch it? Whilst studies hold value I am huge believer in results and this is exactly what I have seen with the right training! The latter workout of the two forces enough blood into your biceps and triceps to fill a room up with holes in the floor!! My arms are around 17.5’’ cold and were nudging 19’’ following the pump I experienced I bull you NOT!
Pure Shock
The shock factor of this training helps stimulate things in the muscle which would never otherwise happen. The level of muscle stimulation is so vast via the CNS that the muscle with experience new levels of stress it is not accustomed to.
How To Do It
The first workout needs to be low volume with just 3 working sets for the biceps and also for the triceps. The repetition range needs to be in the region of 5-6 with a 3-4 second negative and great emphasis on partial reps as well.
The second workout is about as far away as the first as possible! The number of sets grows to 40 sets, with 20 supsersets for biceps and triceps. Use a varying rep range between 12-30 per set and keep the rest periods to 30-60 seconds to ensure the blood volumes remain HIGH in the muscle.
So yes, you should try it in my opinion as long as you follow the correct steps to optimise recovery. Aim for a workout like this every 3-4 weeks.

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