Adam Gethin's 8 Week Rapid Body Transformation - Week 1!

Today marks day 7 of my 8 week transformation and I must admit I am fairly pleased with how things are rolling. Whenever you begin a transformation you generally have in your head what you want to achieve, and that is exactly why I was a little nervous. The thing is last year I rang a public transformation where many people followed my progress, and luckily the results came through and people were inspired. This time round that isn’t good enough, people expect ‘’abs’’ so now they expect proper condition which would not look out of place in a magazine. With that said my game plan has to be spot on and today I wanted to share my diet approach with you!
Of course the bulk of my calories are coming from protein and in this instance I am eating 2g per pound of body weight, which comes to 380g a day! Yes that is a lot of protein but when my goal is to add 0.5’’ to my arms, 1’’ to my calves and get my body fat in the region of 6-7% I need it! The amount of volume I am currently doing in the gym is extreme, which means my protein intake needs to be right up there to keep me safe from catabolism.
My protein sources are whole eggs, egg whites, protein powders, turkey breast and beef. Due to the fact I am in India fish is off the menu due to the fact it can be the source of many illnesses out here – with that said my thoughts were ‘’sod that!’’
Fat is playing a huge role in my diet right now; I am having around 60-80g a day mainly from nuts, whole eggs and beef. The beauty with healthy fats is that they help the body metabolise body fat and they also help improve insulin sensitivity and suppress cravings. Of course, they also help keep your testosterone production high which is prone to dipping during a calorie restricted diet which can lead to higher levels of estrogen – in short this makes burning fat and building much harder!!
With my protein and fats high you would think I am cutting carbs out, right? No, instead I strategically time my complex carb intake to ensure they are only going into my body when insulin sensitivity is maximised. All of my complex carbohydrates go in AFTER my weight training.
With my whey isolate immediately after training I will have anywhere between 50-100g of vitargo and my following meal around 45-60 minutes later will contain oats. However, depending on my weight loss and condition I do have high carb days where I will consume around 200-300g of complex carbs. This could be very 7 days, 5 days or as long as 14 days in my case. This helps spike the metabolism and drive my fat loss forward, even if momentarily my weight goes UP first.
Right there is my diet, plain and simple good old carb cycling in a similar format to which I use with 85% of my clients. Here are my before shots at around 14% body fat (too high).

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