AC's Workout Of The Week!

This week’s workout of the week is a good old high volume back and traps workout.

High volume training is extremely effective for building muscle and dropping body fat at the same time. This workout especially is super hard and great for burning calories whilst developing overall muscle mass and strength.

So here is the workout.

Deadlift + Barbell row super set
5 sets – 5 deadlift + 5 row (x5)

This first exercise is the killer. You perform 5 deadlifts, then immediately perform 5 barbell rows with the same bar. You repeat this superset 5 times without putting the bar down. Rest 1 minute then repeat for 5 sets.

1 arm dumbbell row
reps – 12, 10, 8, 6, 4

Perform a 1 arm dumbbell row set with the heaviest weight you can do 12 reps with. Immediately after change arms and do 12 with the other arm. Then without any rest go back to the first arm and perform 10 reps. Keep changing arms with no rest until you are down to 4 reps.

Giant set:
Wide grip lat pull downs – 10 reps
Underhand lat pull down – 10 reps
Low cable row – 10 reps
3 sets

Perform all 3 exercises back to back without stopping. Rest for one minute then repeat for 3 sets.

Machine row
3 sets of 20, 10, 5, 10, 20

pick a back row machine in your gym with a weight stack. Pick a weight that you can just do 20 reps. Perform 20 reps then increase the weight by 30-40%, perform 10 reps, then again increase the weight to double the starting weight and aim for 5 reps. After the 5 drop it back down to the weight you did 10, perform 10 reps then drop again and perform 20. Repeat this full process 3 times with 2 minutes rest.


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