AC's Top 3 Natural Test Boosters Uncovered!!

AC’s top 3 – Natural test boosters

There are many great products on the market at the moment to serve a variety of purposes. Whether your goal be to increase muscle, lose fat, gain strength, improve performance, increase energy or just improve general health. There is a product for everything. It seems though that one of the products genres tends to get overlooked quite a bit in my opinion. This genre is one of the most important for achieving all of the above results. This genre is raising testosterone. There are many test boosting products on the market that are very effective and have been shown to give great gains in many areas of training. There is a lot of skepticism around them but in my opinion they are the real deal and can be very beneficial to a number of trainers.

So who would benefit from natural test boosters? Well the most benefit would come to people who are over the age of 30-40 as it has been shown that after that age your natural test levels start to decline. Lower testosterone levels means lower protein synthesis, muscular atrophy, lower sex drive, slower recovery and in general just lower standard of well being. Raising your test levels back to what they were in your 20’s will improve your vitality and will make a noticeable difference to your mood and lifestyle.

But test boosters are not limited to the people over a certain age. Many people will say that they are not needed if you are under a certain age and that they wont do anything. This is not true. There are many people with low testosterone levels that may struggle to make gains in the gym due to this very reason. These people would benefit greatly from a natural test booster. Also if you are looking to gain strength then one of my top 3 choices for test booster bumped up my strength more than any other product I have ever used. And that was at the age of 21 so there is no minimum age as to when these products start working.

So if you are looking to reap the benefits of a natural test booster, here are my top 3 products.

1. Gaspari Viridex XT

Gaspari Viridex is a fantastic new test booster on the market. After the great success of the novadex and with the increasing popularity of DAA, Gaspari decided to improve on and already great product and bring out the Viridex. I tried it when it first came out and was extremely happy with the products performance.

2. PhD Methoxy 7 test

PhD Methoxy 7 test was one of the first natural test booster is used. I actually helped in a university study to see the difference in performance a natural test booster would make. The methoxy was used along with a few other products. The study measured the performance of twins (I was not taking part as im not a twin) and then let them train for one month, one with the test booster and one with a placebo. The performance in the same things was measured again. The tests were things like vertical jump power, 1 rep max bench press etc. the twin that took methoxy 7 test substantially improved at a rate far greater than his twin. To me that was evidence enough. I took the methoxy and I too was very happy with the improvements in strength that I got.

3. Anabolic Designs Tauro test + Bullk

The final test booster I want to include in my top 3 is actually 2 test booster. The anabolic designs stack of tauro test and bullk is probably the best stack of products I have ever used. I gained muscle, my strength absolutely flew up and I felt great. On their own they are good products, however when combined they are absolutely amazing. I have spoken to guys who have gained over 12lbs in 1 month using this stack and I personally put 20kg on my bench press.

So if you are looking to get a natural test booster I urge you to try one of these 3 options. You wont be disappointed.


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