-AC-'s top 3 transformation tips

AC’s top 3 transformation tips –


After my recent 7 week transformation, many people have been asking me for tips on achieving a rapid transformation in muscle size and fat loss. There are no single tips that will ensure success in everyone as it totally depends on the person as to how good the results will be. However there are some helpful tips that I can offer that will help ensure success in anyone wanting to make a body transformation.


So here are my top 3 tips:


1. Plan the full transformation before you start.


With any transformation I do with a client I plan literally every workout before we even start. I do this on a spreadsheet that can be updated and adapted as time goes on. However the main thing is to know exactly what you are doing every day of every week. This will keep you incredibly focused and you will know what to expect from training each week. It also makes it incredibly easy to progress with performance and strength even whilst dropping fat. You will record every weight you use on this spreadsheet and make sure that you are increasing on the weights you use week on week.


I don’t generally plan the diet exactly for each week before I start as diet is something that needs to be adjusted and progressed regularly so you don’t know at the start of the diet exactly how you are going to react to certain parts of the diet.


2. Train like a mad man


I don’t believe in overtraining. If you are getting adequate sleep and your nutrition is correct then you will not lose muscle. With my transformations I don’t use keto diets or crash diets with extremely low calories. Generally the diets have plenty of carbs in. This allows for extra hard training. All of my clients are pushed to their limits. Weights workouts can sometimes have upwards of 600 reps. The reason I do this is that the calories burned to achieve a calorie deficit and drop fat will be burned in the weights room rather than by doing cardio. High volume weights workouts will burn far more calories than cardio as well as raising your metabolism higher and for a longer period of time than cardio would. During my transformation I only did about 20-30 minutes of very low intensity of cardio per day, but I was doing about 90 minutes weights, 6 days per week. This method allowed me to retain muscle but drop fat very effectively.


3. Never, ever cheat.


I know this one sounds obvious but when I say cheat I don’t mean a take away. I mean you cant eat even a crumb of bread, you cant skip even one rep, you cant avoid training legs to do chest instead. You have to stick to the plan EXACTLY without fail. It is this that keeps you on the right track and will ensure success. You write a plan with the intention of following it. The plan is what will help you achieve your goals. Therefore you do not deviate from it. Once you have a diet written down then you eat the exact weight of food at the exact time it is written. You don’t have any more or any less than is written down. It’s so simple that you simply cant go wrong.


So these are just 3 basic tips on transforming your body.


If you would like a consultation for a full diet and training transformation programme please e-mail me on campbell_18@hotmail.co.uk



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