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To anyone that has read some of my articles, you are probably aware that I do in fact lift and eat in the same manner that many of you aim to. I write many articles about training, nutrition and supplements, but how do you know that I practice what I preach? What use is my advice if I don’t even take it myself?

To prove that I could walk the walk I decided to do a 7 week extreme body transformation. I logged all of my training, diet and supplements on my journey to achieve the best possible physique in the shortest possible time frame.


In the next 3 articles here on fitmag I will discuss and reveal my methods to achieve this transformation in the categories of training, nutrition and supplementation.


This article is going to be discussing the supplement stack that I used to achieve my transformation.


Supplements played a very important role in my 7 week transformation. I used protein powders religiously as part of my diet and pre-workout drinks got me through the toughest workouts. On top of this the additional help of test boosters and amino acid supplements was invaluable.


So without further adieu, here is the full supplement stack I used throughout my transformation:




PhD Diet whey –




Diet whey was my staple protein throughout my full diet. It is by far my favourite protein supplement whilst cutting for 2 reasons. For one thing it tastes amazing. It is an extremely thick and creamy shake that tastes as nice as any normal milkshake. It’s extremely enjoyable to drink and was the highlight of my day. The other reason it is my favourite is the fantastic nutritional breakdown and ingredient profile. The phd diet whey is a product of the highest quality. With a high protein content form a blend of fast and slow release protein, it is the perfect high protein snack or meal replacement.


Pre-workout drinks:


During the diet I used 2 different pre-workout drinks. They were both phenomenal and deserve a review.


Ronnie Coleman Myo-blitz –




Ronnie Coleman Myo-blitz is probably the most powerful pre-workout I have ever used that is totally drug free. I wanted a strong pre-workout that didn’t contain geranium. The myo-blitz really delivered. It gave amazing focus and energy as well as probably the best muscle pump I have ever had in the gym. It thoroughly deserves 5/5 stars.


BSN No-xplode 2.0 –




When I wasn’t feeling that I needed the intense energy of the myo-blitz I would use the no-xplode. The no-xplode offered a much more steady and subtle energy that would get me through my workout without me feeling like I wanted to run 10 miles. The no-xplode worked every time and aided performance fantastically without being too OTT.


Amino acid supplements:


I used a lot of BCAA powders throughout my diet. I credit them with helping me maintain muscle mass extremely effectively. I used them through all cardio sessions and especially whilst doing morning cardio without having eaten first.






The millennium sports tec RPG is one of my 2 favourite BCAA powders and probably the highest quality BCAA product on the market. It uses the highest quality ingredients possible and delivers an incredibly tasty product. It was truly enjoyable to drink and made the huge amounts of water I had to drink more bearable.


BSN Amino-X –




BSN Amino X is a great alternative for RGP as it is slightly cheaper and comes in a great range of flavours. I tried nearly every flavor whilst on my diet and can honestly tell you they are all amazing. I found myself drinking it for the sake of the taste. Even when I wasn’t training I would be sipping on some amino X. It is a great quality product as well so if you are looking for a great BCAA powder, this is definitely one to consider.


Fat burners:


Anabolic designs Shredabull –




Shredabull is without doubt my favourite fat burner. It works for me every time and gives me results in more than just fat burning. The shredabull is a phenomenal thermogenic dieting aid and the results speak for themselves. The shredabull is fantastic for reducing appetite so keeps those horrible cravings at bay throughout a diet. It gave me energy throughout the entire day and I genuinely believe without the shredabull I wouldn’t have achieved the results that I did.


Additional Aids:


Anabolic designs tauro test and bullk –





This stack of tauro test and bullk is potentially one of the most powerful muscle building and strength enhancing stacks I have used. Throughout my entire diet I actually gained strength and retained a huge amount of muscle mass. My arms were the same size at the end of the diet as they were at the start, and that was with less body fat. The bullk and tauro test are natural hormone optimizers and will allow you to boost natural testosterone whilst lowering estrogen and putting your body in the optimal hormone balance to gain muscle.



So all in all I used quite a few supplements throughout the diet, however every single one of them did its job perfectly and played an enormous role in my success.



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