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Earlier in the week FitMag featured a topic which many will overlook, good strong posture. However we really believe that if you can pay special attention to this your long term health will improved and a natural bi-product will of course be a strong physique, and a very aesthetic physique. All the best looking bodies in the world have a nicely angled posture, giving them presence and that healthy athletic look. Today we are going to focus on abdominal training and why it is important you include it for reasons beyond building a washboard set of abs for the beach.
Lower Back
The lower back is often an area a lot of people will injure, and the same can be said for those of us who train frequently. There are a number of reasons for this, one being that we place immense volumes of stress on this area of our physique day in day out. However, what a lot of people tend to do to try and overcome this is build up the strength in this area. Whilst this may seem like a good idea the reality of it is, is that your lower abdominal region is week. Think of your abs as the ying to your yang!
With that said, we would encourage you to build the strength of your lower abs with 1 workout specifically for this area every week. Focus on 9 weighted sets of 10-12 with pulley leg raises, prayer crunches and weight hanging knee raises.
Compound Lifts
Another reason why we would strongly recommend increasing the strength of your abdominals is to improve your lifting strength. Many world class strength athletes train their abdominals for this very reason; if their core is able to support heavier weight then they can move bigger poundages. This means your squat, deadlift, clean & press and military press should all improve.
Again focus on the exercises outlined above and for this specific reason also include twisted crunches and twisted prayer cable crunches to ensure the obliques become stronger in isolation as well.
Often us muscle guys will claim our abs don’t need training, we lift heavy so they work hard – there is a lot of truth on this but I still feel that it is important for our health. Yes we may be able to rock a chick magnet mid-section with no time spent isolating the abs, but what about the balance of your pelvis, back, shoulders and even knees? Where there are imbalances there are problems and these can become very problematic for your health long run.
There are 3 very strong, no pun intended, reasons as to why you should improve the overall strength of your abs. Remember, we said STRENGTH!

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