Working In The Best Industry In The World!

Like it or not most of us have to work because we all need
to earn a living – however some of us seem to enjoy our work more than others. Like
many, you may hate your job to the point where you literally wish away
Monday-Friday which is a little sad don’t you think? I mean, you should enjoy
your life day by day. Before you think I am some kid who is wrapped up in
fantasy land let me tell you, I have done jobs which I hated to the point I could
barely face it!

Luckily for me today I work in the most exciting industry in
the world, I don’t ever wish my working day away because I absolutely love what
I do. Being the Digital Editor of FitMag really does make me happy and I love
the work which we do for our customers – I really think we give back to those
who support Beyond my role with FitMag I am very
fortunate to transform people to the point where I was invited to film my own
TV show on the subject, become a featured writer in Men’s Fitness magazine and
now personal train a celebrity in a beautiful foreign country. Before you
misinterpret this for some kind of ego trip, I am merely trying to show you
what an amazing industry the fitness world really can be. With that said, here
are some of my top reasons you should consider a career in this industry.


My tolerance for people with a negative outlook on life can
be very limited and here is why – in my day to day life I work with people who
are nothing other than passionate about what they do. Therefore when I speak to
people who have one complaint after the next lined up ready to roll of the end
of their tongue, I get frustrated. When you work in this industry your
perspective on life just changes, I cannot describe it other than telling you
there is an energy which I feel is unrivalled.

Real Changes

Keeping it relevant, I have two clients who are married – in
fact it was this weekend that they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Since
January they have literally flipped their lives upside down and inside out.
Both had a body fat well in excess of 30%, and James is close to 10% and Jane
is closing in on her goal of 16%. They look unrecognisable and to me that gives
me a true sense of satisfaction and happiness, knowing my advice and guidance
worked for them – of course, it was their hard work and application which
really did the business though!


It is all very well feeling good about the work you do, but
we all want to earn a reasonable living. The fitness industry is notoriously
riddled with trainers who do not deserve that title which therefore damages our
reputation as a collective market. The trick is to show the world you are as
good as you say you are. Every week I will generally share via my social media
pathways the results of my clients which speak for themselves. If you want to
gain a reputation as a top trainer, all I will say is to get people results
which make people doubt them to the point they look fake – this will soon get
your name recognised!! I have seen MANY ‘’top marketing’’ boot camps for
personal trainers yet to me it is very simple – if you are that good you will
be busy, and if you are in this situation all you have to do is value your time
and charge a top price. After all, if I want the best lawyer in town I will be
paying a damn site more than the average Lawyer for sure.

In regards to becoming a writer in this industry it is a
question of perseverance – look at it from our point of view. The content needs
to be unique, educational, motivational and fun to read. All writers in this industry
start off writing for free, that is how it works. As you progress people learn
to know your work and name which could potentially lead to paid work. It really
is a simple enough process. What I would recommend doing to become paid is to
build a reputation in your chosen field because your content then carries

So what are you waiting for?

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