Transforming You On A Budget!

Unfortunately we are limited by our finances – ultimately our
financial situation dictates what we can and cannot afford to do. Admittedly
following the right diet, paying for a gym membership and buying the
supplements can become a costly hobby, yet I really struggle to see how a lack
of money can prevent you entirely from being healthy and transforming your
body. Before some of you think I am arrogant, and am talking from a strong view
point hear me out – I have transformed people with very limited budgets and
they have achieved better results than those of my clients with almost
unlimited budgets. Whilst money does limit your options, it shouldn’t govern
your health and progress completely!


We live in a world where food has become an expensive commodity;
of course this was going to happen because we all need it which feeds the
supply/demand cycle. Whilst some healthier food choices are more expensive, I also
notice many unhealthy foods are also very expensive. If you find yourself
saying that the food is too expensive, review your spending habits. Do you
smoke, drink alcohol, buy junk food or takeaways? I once had an enquiry from a prospective
client who said I was too expensive, yet he purchased FOUR takeaways a WEEK!! Does
this sound like you? In this guy’s case he had a very simple solution, stop
buying takeaways.

Gym Membership

This is a very easy solution to solve – don’t go to the gym!
The outside world offers plenty of natural environments to stimulate the body
forcing a positive change in body composition. Doing sprint workouts on a track
or in the park, body weight circuits in the park or even investing in a barbell
and dumbbell kit for home will all suffice. Effort is everything, forcing the
body to work HARD. This doesn’t require a gym.

HIIT training and Tabata style training are two of the most
effective ways to burn body fat and you don’t need a gym for either so the
excuses stop here!!


If your budget doesn’t allow for supplements then don’t let
that be the reason you don’t start a transformation. I would recommend getting
yourself a protein powder though, this is relatively inexpensive when you work
out the cost over a tub’s life time.

There are the key areas which people who feel their budget
limits them can address and overcome their obstacles. Remember, we all have to
work with the tools we are given or currently have available to us. In my
experience working with a vast range of clients, where there is a will there is
a way!

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