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I have been weight training for many years, the first session I had was at Iron
Works gym in Birmingham and I was immediately hooked. I went back and forth for
a few years between weight training and Muay Thai. For the past 5 years however
I have remained consistent with my weight training and have learnt many
valuable lessons along the way.

When I first began to try and build my physique I weighed 69kg and I have grown to
over 97kg in the past 5 years. Along that journey there have been many changes
with my routine and nutrition through trial and error and I have tried many
things. The main lesson I have learned is to listen to your body and use your
gut instincts, the motto’s ‘train smarter, not harder’ and ‘simple is
effective’ are extremely valid points.

Over the past 6 weeks I have been cutting body fat. The goal here
is to be confident to enter a Bodybuilding show and have a photo shoot. When
the diet started I weighed in the region of 97kg at 5 foot 9. I could still see
my abs slightly but I wanted to get that shredded look for the summer.
Therefore, I eliminated all junk food to 1 x per week and manipulated my
macronutrient intake.

Throughout the 6 weeks my weight training has remained constant,
hard and heavy with the inclusion of advanced techniques such as drop sets,
forced reps and super sets. I try not to get too bogged down with sets and
reps, I just work hard and chase the pump. I have also started to include some
steady state low intensity cardio post workout, which has been enough to burn that
extra bit of fat...quality over quantity is defiantly what I’m looking for here
therefore i  have not indulged in any
interval type methods as of yet.

Diet wise a typical day would be comprised of 7 meals including 2
whey protein shakes and a tbsp of Olive Oil or natural Peanut Butter for
healthy fats. The remaining 5 meals are: 4 whole egg omelette with a selection
of vegetables and a bowl of oats, Chicken breast and rice x 2, Steak, baked
potato and vegetables and a tub of cottage cheese. I really believe that it is
not so much about how much you eat; but what you eat, and how you eat it...e.g.

Supplement wise...Cell KM by Evogen post workout a BCAA, Creatine
and Glutamine Mix, Instant Whey protein from Reflex and a  high dose of omega 3s 1g per % body fat. I
have also included Grenade a potent fat burner which has been incredible
helpful in dropping that body fat %. Supplement wise I believe you should keep it
simple and concentrate on the foundations.

What’s inspired me is that I would like to compete in a
bodybuilding show and be in great shape for a photo shoot. I am a personal
trainer by trade and would love to give my clients and potential clients the
much needed inspiration of what you can do without starving yourself and
setting realistic goals!

The overall advice I would give is to follow a plan and stick to
it! Do not starve yourself when looking to drop body fat and be sensible in
your food choices. Training wise always use your head...if you feel weak, try
supersets and giant sets and focus on chasing the pump, if you feel strong go
for it and chase those PB’s. Listen to the body and never force yourself to
train certain things on certain days, if you need a day off take it, if you
want to train.... train and train hard!

5 Years Ago!

5 Years On!

5 Years & 6 Weeks On!

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