The Power Of Idols!

Having spent the last 2.5 days submerged in the world of
fitness at BodyPower I learnt a lot. Working on the Physique Elite booth,
educating people about the Y3T-DTP training principles like some possessed
muscle hungry preacher I was fortunate enough to meet a huge cross-section of
people. After spending just a handful of seconds chatting with these people
something became apparent to me – their goals and ambitions with their physique
is driven by someone else. What do I mean? In a nutshell, there is somebody
they look up to which propels them onwards and upwards to achieve their physical
goals. You could say there is a huge mental element which provides the
foundation for the physical change to occur. With that said, I wanted to
outline the power of having idols!

External Motivation

Seeing the success that can come with looking great can
motivate you to achieve the same goals as your idol. For example, if you crave
the exposure your idol gets at shows such as BodyPower due to their physique it
may be that you want to be in their place one day. When the dust settles and
you are back at home within your current reality, the temptation to deviate
from your plan is suppressed simply because your desire for that level of
success has been reignited. The power of external motivation by witnessing
first-hand the potential success of getting into SICK shape can be an extremely
empowering tool.

Relating Your Story

Each and every person who has gained recognition on a global
level has a story to tell, some of their story may fit with your journey. As a
result you can completely relate to their barriers, trials and methods which
they used to overcome these obstacles. This can be a very good reason to choose
an idol which has travelled a very similar journey to the one you are taking!

Instant Motivation

Everyone gets times where motivation is in short supply and
the temptation to do something you shouldn’t increases. By knowing who your idol
or idols are you can have certain protocols in place to combat any actions
which will be detrimental to your progress. Personally I like to watch online
videos or DVDs of my idols during moments of weakness or times when I need that
shot of motivation. I will also keep short yet powerful sayings they have published
to train my mind for success. Sounds cheesy but it worked for the guys sitting
at the top of the mountain right?

There are a handful of reasons why you should pick at least
one idol who is relevant to you and use them to bounce off when you need to!

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