Staying Fed On Your Travels!

For people who travel regularly it can be very difficult to
sustain a healthy diet – especially when fat loss and muscle maintenance are
the main goals. It requires you avoiding foods which have a negative on your
insulin levels, blood sugar levels and even your testosterone levels. Don’t
panic though, for those of us who live a ‘’normal’’ life we must be realistic
and not beat ourselves up over minor details. It is the bigger picture which
counts and that means keeping our diet as clean as possible. Here are 3 ways I
would recommend to you if you currently struggle to maintain a relatively
consistent diet whilst travelling around the world.

The 3 Hour Rule

This is a very basic and over simplified rule yet it is one
which I think anyone can use as a great reference point. Whenever you travel
stick to eating intervals every 3 hours without fail. What this does is help
ensure your muscles are at least receiving nutrients to help prevent the onset
of catabolism. Of course, this also helps keep the metabolism firing which is
equally important. This rule can also help keep your fat levels down, yet it
can also force them to balloon if your choice of emergency food is calorie and
sugar dense.

Food Choices

This is where your decision making becomes very important –
you have decided to eat every 3 hours but now it is important you eat the
correct foods. For example, eating a white jam sandwich would not be advisable for
obvious reasons. Your food choices are best kept plain and simple when you are

The following foods are ideal and are widely available in
most countries –

Lean meats without source


Whole eggs & omelettes

Oats mixed with protein powder

Fruit low in fructose (berries)


Food Timing

The third and final guide to keeping your nutrition on track
whilst living the jet setter lifestyle is to time your meals correctly. What
this means is understanding when certain foods can benefit you and more
importantly when they can hinder progress. For example, during breakfast on the
road I would recommend that eating a range of low GI fruits with eggs is an
ideal convenient start to the day, whereas in the evening a lean red meat with
nuts might be more suitable to carbohydrates.

I will finish with the same tone as I started this article,
we are all human and require a degree of normality. This means being realistic.
For sure, there are times when I would benefit far more if I was to eat grass
fed fillet steak with nuts and broccoli however if a protein powder and oat
omelette is available it will do. Following these key foundation rules to the
best of your abilities is key, but above all else be consistent. Above any
strict diets and short term changes I put consistency with my eating as the
primary reason as to why I carry the level of muscle mass I have today. On that
note, it is time to eat and I am on a plane!!

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