Ronan Scarlett's Journey To The Welsh - 10 Weeks & Counting!

Right guys its week 3 and right now I am feeling the best
that I have felt since I started writing for FitMag. I am 100% motivated and am
confident that if I continue as I am I will get the results I want and set out to
get a couple of months ago. The reason I’m feeling like this is that I am now
starting to see results coming, only ever so slightly but they are coming a
little more each week which is very encouraging. I have posted a picture of my
rear lat spread up which I think may have improved since the first one I took
and posted with my first article. To me it does look better but then hey,
that’s what feedback is for and I’d love it if any of you who read it would let
me know you’re opinion on the difference between the two photos.

Since I wrote my last article it’s really just been a case
of grinding on with things and trying to get things back on track after a shaky
week with illness. I am a very bad craver of junk food, like….ridiculously bad.
All my friends say to me “If I was on a diet like yours all I would miss is
going out on the raz” but with me that’s really not the case, at some stages I
would have never touched a drop of alcohol ever again if it meant I could eat a
15” dominoes with a stuffed crust or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge
brownie. But thankfully all those nasty thoughts of delicious but at the same
time horrendous foods have more or less left my head as I want to get in shape
for the competition is taking over and I’m not really craving anymore as I will
just think about how badly I want it (Working on the door in McDonalds sometimes
re kindles these thoughts though and really doesn’t help, but hey …money’s

I saw my coach at the end of last week and he said that it
was the leanest he had seen me so far since he started helping me, since then
we have cut out all carbohydrates as even though I have made a certain amount
of progress there is still a hell of a lot of fat to come off in the next two
months and this diet plus cardio will help me to loose that fat.

Training wise this week I have tried my best just to smash it, and the workout that I am
going to recommend to the readers this week is one that I tried after reading
an article about (in my opinion) the king of bodybuilding – Arnold
Schwarzenegger and the way that he would super set chest and back. I have heard
a lot of people do this but I have never really done it, so I decided to make
my own workout moulded on Arnie’s to try for a few weeks. My workout was
obviously not the same as I would never be able to cope with the workload of
the 7 time Mr O but I figured if I could come up with something similar it may
work. So this is how it went:-

X4 Flat dumbbell press (To failure),     Superset with   Wide grip chin ups

X4 Incline smith machine press (To failure)
Superset with Bent over barbell rows

Incline dumbbell flys   Superset with One
arm dumbbell rows

Dips   Superset with   Close grip chin ups

I finished my workout with 30 reps on the peck deck to really stretch my chest
muscles and pump some extra blood into them before I finished my work out. As I
have mentioned before my motto is “If its sore in the morning then I’ve done a
good job” and needless to say after that workout I was happy as 3 days later my
pecks were still in agony (Good pain) and my back was very achy in the right
places as well.

I will write again next week and post some photos and hopefully both you and I
will see an improvement as I will continue to take steps towards the stage in
Newport on July the 8th !

All the best,


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  • Kurt

    Hi Ronan

    Your back looks to have gained some good shape to me!
    What is the no carb diet consisting of that you've mentioned?



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