PhD Pro Oat Cookies - Eating Cookies Never Felt So Good!

Although I am often labelled a health freak I love junk food
as much as the next guy – yet I steer clear because it hampers my results. As
many of you know I am a huge lover of PhD Diet Whey bars, I am self-confessed
addict who struggles to avoid them on a daily basis. Thankfully their ingredients
are of such a high quality that I am able to indulge with a guilt-free
conscious. Even for an addict like myself, I sometimes fancy a change. You know,
I love apples but I also love oranges!! Again, PhD have come up with the goods
as they have just release the brand new Pro Oat cookie! Like the PhD Diet Whey
bar is tastes amazing and it is OK to enjoy on a regular basis – well it is
better than OK, because it has a great nutritional profile. Allow me to expand.


The benefits to protein aren’t the idea of this article but I
will recap briefly for those new to FitMag’s content. Protein helps with fat
loss by regulating blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity and it helps
suppress cravings for sugar. In regards to muscle tone it acts as the building
blocks leading to better recovery, as well as muscle growth. Each Pro Oat
Cookie has an amazing 32g of protein! Not only will you be enjoying a snack
with your coffee which rivals Millie’s Cookies, you will also be adding quality
protein into your system.


This category is often the downfall of most ‘’healthy’’ bars
because to make them taste good they must contain sugar, which means their use
becomes well . . . . . void to anybody who is genuinely conscious of staying
lean. However, PhD have utilised a super food to ensure the bulk of the 25g of
carbohydrates come from high quality low GI, slow burning source – oats! Oats
are a great source of carbohydrates and they are also rich in micronutrients
which help promote healthy HDL/LDL cholesterol levels. Even on a carb
restricted diet, having one of these a couple of times a week post-workout wouldn’t
be an issue.


Do I really to say anything? PhD are renowned for making
products which smash their competitors into next week when it comes to taste! True
to form, their Pro Oat Cookies taste unreal – I personally was fortunate to
have one early on during the development stages and all I said was ‘’why don’t coffee
shops sell these? Healthy and taste BETTER than the crap they sell!’’


Even though they are at a pre-launch price I think they are
going to be around £28 for 12 which in my book is pretty good value. When you
pay more than that for an ice cream or sugar enriched muffin it makes perfect

Once again, PhD have pulled it off and nailed an awesome
product! Get yours right here!

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