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Motivation is the back bone of any new healthy lifestyle change - before you start training, dieting and buying your supplements you need motivation to begin your journey. It can take months and sometimes years for a person to gather enough motivation to take the leap and it can often take a crazy moment to act as their stimulus. This month's motivational story comes in two parts, in the form of James & Jane - in short they are a ''super human'' couple who had hit rock bottom with their health and self-confidence and said ''sod it, let's change'' and they did just that!!

Jane recalls a moment at the back end of 2011 where James had downed 15 pints of beer and semmed as fresh as he did several thousand calories before hand. For both of them it was enough, it was time to make a change. Just five months later both of them have gone from nealy 40% body fat to single figures - the story has much more to it than that, but in regards to ''motivation'' that is all you need to know! Go over that last sentence again, these guys just went from unhealthy, over weight individuals to super fit pin-up role models!

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