Looking Good, Feeling Better - 3 Way Protocol To Better Health

Getting into shape should be a lifestyle change, not an
unhealthy journey riddled with activities which detract from your health. There
is no denying eating for health, for body composition and for performance are 3
completely different processes. However, I do believe that when you eat to improve
your body composition you can also eat in a way which improves your overall health.
Each and every one of my clients eats for health as well as body composition results.
Today I will share with you 3 ways I achieve this.


Fibrous vegetables are extremely rich in micronutrients
which are responsible for a number of functions within the body. If you become
deficient in any of the micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) health issues
can occur, not to mention the fact that your progress physically will slow
down. With that said I like my clients to have fibrous vegetables with every
single meal – this can be peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, red onions, cabbage,
cauliflower, carrots and the likes of. There is always a rotation to ensure
that the client is enjoying a reasonable cross-section of micronutrients from
their diet.


Fruit is more of a mixed bag, there are dos and don’ts. Generally
I won’t allow clients to have fruit which is high in fructose because it doesn’t
elevate insulin levels, leaving sugar in the blood stream with nowhere for it
to go which can potentially lead to fat gain. Berries are generally fantastic
because their skins are thin so they have to build a large arsenal of
anti-oxidants to prevent sun damage. They are also low on the GI list, as well
as very low in calories. Generally, my clients will have 1-2 servings of
berries on a daily basis. With over 5,000 antioxidants in a serving of
blueberries, and a staggering 25,000 in Goji berries they are a sure fire way
to stay healthy!

Food Rotation

My clients will have a cross-section of foods in their diet
throughout the day. It is my belief that by rotating your food sources your
body will respond better – but there are also health benefits. There have been
countless occasions where athletes who continuously eat one meat source develop
intolerances to it. As a result the digestive tract becomes unhealthy
preventing the body from assimilating macro and micronutrients. Most people
overlook the importance of the digestive system yet it is quite simple – if the
body is not absorbing the food you are eating then you will struggle to
progress AND stay healthy. My advice would be to have a bare minimum of 3
protein sources (not including protein powders) which you get your protein
from. For me that would be chicken breast, oily fish, lead beef and eggs. By doing
this you are also getting a greater cross-section of amino acids.

Following these easy to follow steps should help ensure your
diet is providing the health benefits it should, without compromising your body
composition and performance results. As I always say, a healthy athlete is an
athlete on the way up.

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