Keeping Your Stomach Well On Your Travels!

As many of you may know I will be working from Mumbai, India
for the next 12 weeks as I transform an actor – worry not, this will have
absolutely no effect on the great content flowing through FitMag every day. Actually
it will – it will make it even better because we can gain insight from new
areas of the globe. However, in preparation for my trip to Mumbai I have been constantly
warned of the infamous ‘’Delhi Belly’’ which basically means food will travel
through you at the speed of a well-greased bullet. This is partly due to the
fact there are more bad bacteria’s in the water and sometimes in the food. Here
are my top 4 tips on becoming bug free and building a titanium stomach,


Knowing that bad bacteria are one of the main causes of
upset stomachs whilst abroad it makes sense to try and neutralise these. You can
use good bacteria known as pro-biotic agents which help improve the overall
health of your gut. As a result it becomes far more resistant to bacteria which
might otherwise cause you an upset stomach. Going for a low fat pro-biotic
yogurt is a great place to start with breakfast and one other meal of the day.

Bottled Water

An awful lot of the ‘’baddies’’ which hit your stomach for
six live in the water you drink from the tap. Whenever I go abroad or even into
the cities in the UK I always drink bottled water to avoid me taking in these
harmful radicals. Bottled water is also purified generally speaking which means
that it doesn’t have the toxins which a lot of tap water contains. This helps
keep your stomach functional and it also protects your liver function as well.

Restrict fibre

This may sound crazy, I mean after all fibre is great for
the health of our digestive system right? Of course it is, however when your
stomach is in a more ‘’vulnerable’’ position shall we say too much fibre will
just antagonise the situation. Have you ever eaten too many berries or
pineapple and found that your stomach begins to throw summersaults? This is why;
the fibre is allowing food to travel straight through you which isn’t ideal if
you are at risk of an upset stomach as it is.

Keep it Clean

Whenever I am abroad I never touch salad and I always peel
the fruit if I eat it. The salad is often washed in tap water making it a
breeding ground for stomach busting bacteria and the skins of fruit can be the

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