Holiday Survival Guide!

Whilst you may not agree that exercising on holiday is
something you would like to do – many of us go on long holidays which means
without exercise we will surely lose our condition pretty quickly. With so much
emphasis placed upon getting into shape FOR the holiday, surely it makes sense
to stay in shop ON the holiday. Here are 5 short and sharp tips to maximise
your calorie burning abilities on holiday.


Whilst I don’t advocate swimming as a great ‘’fat burner’’
in short bursts, it is an activity which us Brits LOVE to do on holiday – where
else do we get the weather to walk around outside topless? However, keeping it
specific to body composition getting in a 20 minute swim with maximal effort is
a great place to start. Before breakfast, grab your trunks or bikini and swim
for bursts of 30 seconds, then rest for 45 seconds for a total time of 20


The chances are your holiday destination for the summer is
nice and hot! This is ideal for fat loss because you are going to be sweating
like never before – around 90 minutes after a meal try a 20 minute sprint session
where you go all out for 8 seconds, then rest for 12. In the sun this will
literally torch your fat, or at least keep your metabolism firing during your

Body Weight

With a typical holiday diet on the cards this might be the
best advice because your resistance will rapidly increase as your appetite for
junk grows!! Find somewhere maybe around the pool where you can do a circuit of
pull ups, press ups, squat thrusts, dips and even throw in some sprints into
the circuit. Doing 3-4 circuits a day with 180 seconds rest between each one
will certainly fire up the metabolism and keep the calories off!

Walk It Off!

If you are in a beautiful part of a foreign country the chances
are you are surrounded by great places to walk. Hitting the mountains for an
afternoon hike, or a bike ride through the hills is a sure fire way to burn
lots of calories in that heat!


Structure is the most important thing here – during a
holiday people’s structure generally falls on its face! Personally I recommend
eating every 3 hours, even if the food isn’t ‘’perfect’’ because you are at
least feeding your metabolism. Try and limit junk food to one meal a day, where
you eat clean sources of food for the rest of the day.

There you have our one stop holiday guide to keeping the fat
off – when you get back off holiday you really will have NO regrets!

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