HIIT & Weight Training In Harmony Together!

Over the last 6 months it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I
have begun to appreciate the benefits of other forms of exercise for fat loss –
beforehand I was simply a loyal disciple of low impact cardio as where now I
also like to use variations of HIIT cardio with my clients. You could say I
have opened my mind to new ideas and put them to the test, unlike most new
things I try I was really impressed with the results of HIIT. However, there is
one big stumbling block I have come up against – how do I incorporate HIIT into
a conventional bodybuilding programme? Many will wonder what the issue is but I
will spell it out – if you follow Y3T and DTP like myself and my clients do you
will know after leg day you can be hard pushed to recover in time for next
week’s leg workout, let alone a bloody sprint session!

With that said, I have come up with some ideas on how to
enjoy the benefits of HIIT whilst keeping your normal weight training on track!

Focus On Recovery

Recovery is always something I am a huge advocator of, it
might sound stupid but think about it – if you don’t recover you don’t grow. It
goes beyond that, if you don’t recover you limit your intensity during other
workouts as well. So, I like to have my clients supplement with 10g of BCCAs
and L-glutamine before and after their workouts. Of course, their diet is also
put together with optimal recovery in mind.

HIIT is extremely demanding on the body, more so than low
impact cardio therefore recovering properly is imperative!

Timing It Right

Doing HIIT the morning after a week 3 Y3T leg workout wouldn’t
be advisable nor would it be possible if you trained legs properly. Timing your
HIIT workouts right is essential – in my opinion 2-3 HIIT workouts a week is
adequate. I would look to get them done within 2-4 days either side of my leg
workouts, BUT you must respect that after some leg workouts it is impossible to
do sprint sessions for example. In this case using something like a
cross-trainer for HIIT is a great option.

Make It Your Workout!

OK so your insanely painful DOMS in your legs are preventing
you from doing HIIT regularly? Then make your leg workout a HIIT session, talk
about going to town on your body fat levels! Leg workouts stimulate the
strongest hormonal response favourable to fat loss, and HIIT training in
general does too. So what do you get when you combine the two? Something pretty
special, a very effective fat loss mechanism – however be warned, this will
make you feel as though someone is holding a blow torch against your legs!

Fancy a sick HIIT leg workout? Try this session for 20
minutes, keeping it really simple.

Leg Press

8-12 reps

Rest for 40 seconds

Repeat for 20 minutes continuously!

There are some thoughts on getting HIIT into your workout
schedule without compromising on your conventional weight training. Enjoy!



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