Get RIPPED With Nick Gore Tabata Style!

Today you can learn why using high intensity interval training can
promote fat loss with great effect. Nick Gore is a top personal trainer who is
able to share with us his knowledge and experience having trained many people
with this fat loss principle. Used correctly, HIIT is one of the best forms of
exercise to burn body fat so listen up guys. Tabate is a specific form of HIIT
training which is regarded as one of the toughest, yet most effective forms of exercise
for fat loss. Nick is about to take you through it, step by step.

HIIT or high intensity interval training is a well-used tool
in my box of tricks. One form of HIIT is Tabata; it was developed at the
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan by Izumi Tabata. Working
intensely for 20 seconds then resting for 10 and aiming to involve as much of
the body as possible Tabata used interval training in a comparison study to
moderate intensity endurance (obvious comparisons are going for a jog vs.
interval sprints). The results showed that the anaerobic capacity percentage
was higher in those subjects using high intensity training compared to those on
moderate endurance training as was overall V02 max. Tabata training is seen as
an intense fat burning workout in a short period of time. Tabata can also be
used in weight training, using a rep range of 6-8 and a similar rest period of
10 seconds, repeat this for 8 sets for an overall 4 minutes of exercise.

I will now talk about the application of Tabata style
training within weightlifting in order to encourage lean muscle growth.

While standard Tabata interval training requires you to work
for 20 seconds and rest for 10 this revised form is set into periods of 12-15
seconds work and 30 seconds rest. Perform with a rep range of 6 and a weight
increase of 10-15%+ your usual weight. This form of interval training will help
to encourage lean muscle growth. As we are aware muscles tend to look more
defined when the body is around 12% body fat, Tabata can help us get down to
this fat % and the revised Tabata method allows us to tone the muscles to increase
definition and muscle density.

In my previous article I talked about the production of
sarcoplasm within muscles during recovery after fatiguing the muscles during a
workout. Using revised Tabata style interval training while fatiguing the
muscles is a great way to encourage this process as it works well to deplete
energy stores within the muscles rapidly.

If you are short on time I highly recommend trying this
revised version of Tabata training – even if you are not short on time, using
it still something I would suggest you do!

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