General Adaptation Syndrome - Getting To Know Your Body!

Understanding the General Adaptation Syndrome stages can be
very helpful when making any decisions in your daily life, especially when it
comes to nutrition and diets.

There are five stages of the Syndrome and these are:

Stage1 – The Initial Response

This is the first response to any event/substance you have
used and often is the best indicator of whether or not you are suited to it.
Things such as your first alcoholic drink or your first cigarette, how did it
taste and feel? Is it right for you?

Stage2 – Adaptation

The body is quite remarkable and very quickly adapts to
changes from outside influences. It learns to protect itself from the things that
enter the body such as smoke from cigarettes and pollution for example. The
body will adapt to this intake and make adjustments to suit such as cells in
the lungs changing form and plaque developing in the arteries to repair any damaged

Stage3 – Exhaustion

The problem is though with continued abuse of the body then
one day your body will become sick and say ‘enough is enough’. You may find
your digestive system doesn’t function correctly, blood pressure becomes
raised, and you have a lack of energy and can develop infections or even worse
cancers. This is when the body can’t adapt anymore and help may be needed from
a professional.

Stage4 – Recovery

During the recovery stage your body needs time to rest up
from the onslaught of abuse you have given it by either reducing the substance
intake or eliminating it completely. The majority of the substances that make
us ill in the end are addictive and you need to rid the body of this addiction
to enable full recovery. To help with the recovery the body would need to have more
vitamins and minerals than what is needed just for maintaining your good

Stage5 – Hypersensitivity

Now the recovery is done, which can take a few years, and
you are back to healthy point in your life you are actually back at stage 1.
This time round however because your diet, nutrition and lifestyle are drastically
improved you can become hypersensitive and react differently to certain
substances, such as additives within foodstuffs, wheat, milk and pollutants.
Basically this is a normal reaction and is healthy as your body is telling you
what suits you again from the initial reaction. The more you follow your body’s
own guidance the more healthy you will become and in due course your body has
the ability to tolerate small abuses without being too hypersensitive. Once you
have understood this cycle it is very much easier to make adjustments within
your diet or lifestyle that best suits you and your needs.

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