FitMag Interviews 5 X World Strong Man Champion Mariusz Pudzianowski!

Everyone wants to be strong right? If this sounds like
you then today’s interview will be just down your street. Our guest is 5 times
World Strong Man Champion, Mariusz Pudzianowski! Now a global superstar,
Mariusz is recognised as one of the ultimate athletes of all time and now he is
pursuing a career in Pro MMA.

I want to cut the introduction short there, I cannot wait
to hear what Mariusz has to say – he is one my all time idols! Let’s GO!

Mariusz, thank you  very much for joining FitMag today it is a huge honour to have you here
with us!!

It is my pleasure to be on FitMag, thank you.

Going back to your child hood, were you strong back then?

As far as I can remember during my childhood I was always stronger than the other kids,
yes. When I was in the 5th year of primary school I was always
wining school championships in various sports. Then in high school for 4 years I was a
multi-discipline school champion.

When was it you realised you were ‘GORILLA’ strong?

I never thought that I was ‘’super strong’’ but after a few years of competing I realised that
I was strong enough to win most of the world championships!

At what point in your life did you start hitting the gym?

I started my adventure in the gym when I was 11; it was the 5th year of primary
school and it has lasted right up until now!

Did you always train for strength from the beginning?

Yes! I always trained for strength - at the beginning I wanted be stronger than others
to gain respect from my classmates. In school I was always a “bad boy” and I
was always quite stubborn.

In regards to the main compound lifts, what are your

My records from 2 years ago are

Deadlift -

Squat -

Bench Press
- 295kg

Press - 195kg military

How would you advise our readers to increase their strength?

To increase strength you have to train a lot and diversify your training program. I am using
my experience to give training advice to other strong men now and I always put
lot of attention on various training systems. Variation for me is the key to
increasing strength.

Do you like to work with other strong men now?

Of course - details of my knowledge and training plan I followed myself are the things I
use to help those who I train now. It was hard work to achieve my level of
success, that knowledge cost me 25 years of my life. This is why I never share
too many details on public forums.

How often did you train as a strong man?

When I was competing in Strong Man I was training 5-6
times during the week for about 2-3 hours a day. I was very systematic for
about 12 years during my professional career.

You were known for your very well sculpted body, you were
always lean yet most strong men are not. Why is this?

My body always looked different to other competitors and that gave me a slight advantage as people
recognized me much easier than other guys.
It is all thanks to my genetics and hard training. Not too many guys
could handle 3 hours of training with me.

Did you ever consider competing as a bodybuilder?

I never thought about being a bodybuilder because I have never thought it was very
interesting. Many times I was receiving offers because of my good genetic but I
always declined.

What did your muslces measure as Strong Man?

When I was a Strong Man I had -

80cm legs

57 cm

96 cm waist

150cm chest

CRAZY! So why the switch from WSM to Pro MMA fighter?

In WSM I won a lot of the titles so to compete further didn’t make to sense to me as I
could only multiply my successes and titles. That’s why I switched to MMA - it’s
my new challenge and again I am starting from zero.  That Mariusz from the past has gone - now I
am building new image from scratch.

How did your training change with the switch to  MMA?

My training changed a lot! I do not train the same way I did when I was a Strong Man, as it
is a totally different sport. MMA has nothing in common with Strong man - It’s
like comparing a big sixteen wheel truck with a sports car.

So what are your goals in MMA?

My aim in my MMA career is to train, train and again train! Results will come shortly - I
won’t be Champ in a year or two because things like this take a lot of time!

In regards to nutrition, what was your diet like when you
were younger?

I never had a diet; I always consumed what I wanted. I noticed that I had good genetics and
my body had a very fast metabolism so that definitely helped me a lot.

What about your diet as a WSM competitor?

Do not ask me about diet for Strong Man as I never had such a thing. It is a very individual
topic so there is now sense in making stories about it LOL!!

What about now as an MMA fighter?

Now I train for MMA my diet is quite different. I don’t follow a specific diet because I
have generally healthy eating habits. What I do is ensure my energy levels are
high which requires a lot of high energy food, and I also make sure I eat a lot
of vitamins and minerals. There are several experienced fighters and coaches
who give me guidance on this topic too.

For people looking to build muscle, how important is diet?

To build muscle mass it’s important to keep right diet as its key to success - and
remember always be systematic.

Do you have any food preferences?

I just like normal polish food in different volumes depending on my goal.

How important are supplements to you? I know you are
sponsored by Olimp Sport Nutrition.

I have worked with with Olimp Sport Nutrition for many years, and I used their
products for the entire duration of my WSM career. They are a very solid
company with great morals and they are always ready to support me – many supplement
companies offered to sponsor me but I always declined their offers because I
believe in Olimp Sport Nutrition products!

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What supplement are essentail to increase strength in
your opinion?

To increase strength you definitely need to use:
proteins, creatine, amino acids, and carbohydrate powders.

So what do your future plans look like, Mariusz?

My plans are to train very hard and improve my skills in MMA for the next 6 years, once
I hit 40 I want to retire from sport and have a family.

Are you coming to BodyPower on the 18th, 19th and 20th of

Yes I will at BodyPower in Birmingham so I hope to see you all shortly.

Mariusz it has been a pleasure, thank you so much for
joining us at FitMag!

Thank you so much, it has been a great
experience for me.

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