Fire Up The BBQ!

For the next couple of months Britain will be fixated with
the barbecue culture, or BBQ as we like to call it. Many of my transformation
clients are still enjoying BBQs this year whilst getting into the best shape of
their lives – it just requires that little extra bit of planning and knowing a
handful of great recipes. Try these bad boys for size!

Beef Burger

This is probably the most popular food at any BBQ; they
taste great and are very easy to cook. However, most burgers you buy from a
supermarket will be riddled with saturated fat and will probably be an inferior
source of beef. Instead, make your own using this rocking recipe to ensure you
get to enjoy the weather this year and keep your body fuelled with high quality

150g extra lean mince beef (grass fed if possible)

3 egg whites

½ grated carrot

½ chopped red pepper

½ chopped red onion

Mix with your hands thoroughly in a mixing bowl and then shape two fat
juicy burgers – throw them on the BBQ (not literally) and let them go nice a
crispy. Serve in wholegrain multi-seed buns.

Chicken Kebab

Generally chicken drumsticks are the most popular form of
chicken at a BBQ but we are athletes so we cannot afford to feed ourselves this
kind of crap! Instead, you need to be chewing on tender chunks of chicken
breast which are flavoursome and low in fat. Try making this kebab on the BBQ!

200g chicken breast (organic if possible)

1 tablespoon of natural honey (no additives, added sugar etc)

2 teaspoons of Jamaican Jerk spice

Cut the chicken breast up into chunks using a scissors, add all the
ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir thoroughly. Make sure every chunk of
chicken is thoroughly marinated to ensure there is plenty of flavour. Simply add
the chicken on to skewers with red, yellow, green peppers, pineapple and red
onion and enjoy!


I am not quite sure if there is a single food which tastes
better in the world than fresh mackerel cooked on a BBQ! Last summer during my
transformation I really enjoyed going fishing and getting fresh mackerel, going
to my partner’s house and having barbecued mackerel in the sun out in the
garden – BLISS! As if that isn’t enough, mackerel is amazingly healthy for you
as it is very rich in omegas.

4 mackerel fillets (fresh out of the sea)

Juice from 1 whole lemon

Wrap in tin foil and place on the BBQ until cooked. Once finished,
remove the skin and serve with wholegrain toast with barbecued cherry tomatoes
and pine kernels.

With recipes like this available there is no need to indulge
in fatty sausages, burgers and chicken drumsticks anymore – enjoy your
barbecues this year with you a guilt free conscious.


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