Fat Loss Nuggets With Nick Mitchell!

It is the season to be LEAN, or at least when most people
try to become lean. Beyond all the fire cracker BS we read and bow to within
the media on this given topic, there is often a concoction of contradicting
information which we are left with to try and absorb. One of the main reasons
for this is because there is certainly more than one way to skin a cat, but
today you are going to learn the ‘’Mitchell’’ way when it comes to skinning a

As if Nick Mitchell needs any introduction – well go on
then, I guess it won’t hurt just in case you haven’t heard about Nick before.
To put things into perspective, I have interviewed and trained with some of the
best trainers in the world and I see a LOT of over hyped trainers. Nick is
undoubtedly one of the best on the world – this is not a throw away comment,
absorb that for a moment. One of the best in the world! To reinforce, I am
talking top 5 trainer in the world easy. For those who know me and my
association with certain trainers I do not say things like this lightly –
therefore you should know Nick really is that damn good! If you don’t believe
me, Milos Sarcev believes Nick to be the best in Europe, as does Charles Poliquin
and do does Men’s Fitness magazine.

Enough of the credentials, I want to start harassing Nick
for advice on fat loss – the type of advice which WILL have you looking ripped
if you implement it correctly with a degree of self-intuition.

Before we continue, may I point out that the nature of
Nick’s advice in this article is directed towards those of us who are
‘’bodybuilding’’ meaning that we train for size, and want to get lean. Time to
hand you over to Nick Mitchell!


Above all else I am a believer in the method that works
which means there are different forms of cardio which will work for different
clients. Broadly speaking on this topic in relation to ‘’bodybuilders’’ I
believe that increasing the amount of weight training you do makes the most
sense to burn fat. By doing this you will also condition the muscles better as
well. Look at the great bodybuilders of the early 80s and none of them did
cardio, they just weight trained with a lot of volume.

For guys who have a lot of muscle mass on their frame I do
think steady state cardio has its place, and for some people it fits in with
their lifestyle the best. However, if you were to take a lady for example I
would recommend HIIT as a more effective way for that lady to burn body fat
opposed to steady state cardio.


Again, I believe in the diet that works because everyone is
different. It is my belief that a lot of the time a muscular physique is able
to burn body fat faster with a high protein, moderate fat and controlled
carbohydrate diet. This means that I will allow for refeeds when I feel the
individual is lean enough to cope with significant volumes of carbohydrates.
The carbohydrate cycling programme they would follow is entirely based on their
own progress and body type.

Studies have shown that carb cycling delivers better results
than diets which restrict carbohydrates for the entire duration of the diet.

Fasting absolutely works 100% of the time yet it will
inevitably lead to catabolism of your overall muscle mass.


There are a host of supplements which help the individual
during a fat loss programme yet there are two which I almost always use with my
clients. Omega 3s are very effective at improving insulin sensitivity and
promoting the production of testosterone, whilst BCAAs are exceptionally good
at protecting lean muscle mass. It is very important to sustain your muscle
mass simply because it will improve the final photos, and muscle is
metabolically active so it will help melt the body fat. I would personally
recommend high dosages of both supplements.


My biggest secret with my clients is will power – that is
it. If you have the drive to succeed you will stand a far better chance at
achieving your fat loss goals as long as the correct protocols are in place.

There are some invaluable nuggets of advice from one of the
world’s very best – Nick Mitchell. Within each segment lie ideas which could
change your transformation this summer. For those of you who subscribe to the
typical fat loss pathways, this may have gone against the grain a little but I
can guarantee you Nick is worth listening to.

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