Eliminating Alcohol

With the sun making a much welcomed appearance during the
last couple of weeks across the UK, we can finally say summer is upon us. As you
walk through housing estates on a Sunday afternoon you cannot help but feel
seduced by the aroma of barbecues as the coal burns beneath the succulent range
of meats. My beef isn’t with barbecues, no pun intended – it is with the
somewhat inevitable alcohol which accompanies this very British occasion. The saying
‘’all in moderation’’ is something I could not disagree with more if I tried,
some things just have no benefit to them at all and alcohol is one of them. Before
you red wine lovers pipe up and say that it is rich in antioxidants and helps
with improving healthy cholesterol levels there are loads of other foods which
do the same, without the drawbacks. For anybody who truly cares about their
body composition and health I would recommend eliminating alcohol forever more
from your lifestyle – no, I am serious. Whilst the majority won’t listen to
that, here are a handful of compelling reasons why you should at least limit it
to VERY special occasions.

Hormonal Issues

Male or female, controlling the hormones in your body is the
SINGLE most effective way of changing your body composition – there is no doubting
this. Alcohol blunts your testosterone levels (ladies as well) which then
increases the volume of aromatase within your system. As a result your estrogen
levels become elevated leading to stubborn fat areas on your body, typically around
the chest for men and around the legs and bum for ladies. Surely this puts you
off you burning body fat or building muscle is your main priority?

No? OK, try this one for size. Cortisol is the ‘’emergency’’
hormone in your body, when it becomes stressed or lacks energy the body secrets
cortisol to fuel the brain. What does this have to do with alcohol? Alcohol is
literally poison to the body; it places immense levels of stress on the body
and as a result elevates cortisol. When cortisol levels increase you store body
fat around the waist and you are become catabolic – so kick alcohol to touch is
my advice!

Liver Toxins

Many people struggle to burn body fat even when they are eating
relatively well and training hard, and this can often be related to toxins in
the liver. When people follow specific protocols to eliminate these toxins they
instantly notice a reduction in body fat – guess which is one of the most toxic
substances on your liver? You got it, alcohol!


Every gram of alcohol equates to 7 calories. That in itself
is very high, and then you have to consider exactly WHAT is in each calorie. As
we know, not all calories were born equal – some are very beneficial as where
others have no benefits to them. As you might have guessed, the calories in
alcohol are completely empty which means that the chances are they will cling
on to your waist like Tarzan on a branch!

It is time to get your game together and really kick alcohol
into touch, there is no room for it in your life!

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