Design A Jaw Dropping Butt With Sian Toal!

With summer just glimmering in the distance....before you
know it everything is about beaches....bikinis....and your butt!

Many a celebrity are famed for a peachy derrière, J-Lo,
Shakira, even Carol Vorderman was awarded the 'Rear of the Year' title for a
sexy behind. It's the hottest accessory this summer so don't leave yours

A shapely set of glutes don't appear on their own just by
owning a gym membership. Unfortunately, just going for the occasional jog won't
do it either. They've got to be worked! For a gorgeous, toned butt to look hot
in and out of your clothes, here are your top three exercises to create curves
to stop traffic.

The power of 3...3 exercises PLUS 3 top tips!

1) The Squat

The all-time best! This will work thighs and butt for the
complete package and strengthen your lower back and core.

Top tips!

1) Use dumbbells or a barbell (weighted bar).

2) Stand with feet about shoulder width apart, toes slightly
turned out.

Hold belly tight, shoulders down and chest up.

3) Bend knees, keeping them in line with toes, as though you
are sitting back on a chair then stand.

The Expert's Tip- Plyometrics

SQUAT JUMP Without weight, perform the first part of the
squat, bend your knees and jump high into the air! Land softly and repeat.....

2) The Lunge

One! The results producer! Every good bikini
girl knows the power of the lunge. Lunge to firm butt and thighs and assist in
improving balance and stability.

Top tips!

1) Ensure you're standing in parallel, step back so that
your back heel is lifted.

2) Bend both knees, body centre so that you achieve a 90
degree angle on both knees.

3) Keep your torso upright, abdominals engaged and chest

The Expert's Tip- Plyometrics

JUMP LUNGE- Bend both knees and as you jump, swap the legs

3) Step ups

To top it off, high platform step ups will give the secret
ingredient to carving out a great set of glutes.

1) Use a chair, low wall in the garden, a gym step or even
2-3 stairs at a time in your house.

2) Step up and down on the same leg engaging your butt to

3) As you breathe out to step up, pull the core in tight

The Expert's Tip-Walking lunge

Take a big step forward and as you land, bend both knees to
perform the lunge. Travelling forward, bring up the back leg to repeat on the
other side.


The Anywhere Workout

This circuit will give you a great workout using these
exercises. It can be done anywhere with no equipment and is short, sharp and
intense. The interval format can help boost metabolism, improve fitness as well
as muscle tone.

10 minute warm up by incline walking on treadmill, power
walk outside, skipping or jogging on the spot. Perform the following exercises
consecutively, 20 reps each, 3-5 rounds with 60-90seconds rest between rounds.


-plyometric squat jumps

- lunge

-plyometric jump lunge

-high step ups

-walking lunges


Put on the end of each round a bridge....

Lay on your back on the floor with feet slightly wider the
hip width. Pushing through your heels, squeeze your butt and drive your hips
towards the ceiling. Release to the floor and repeat.

Use weights on the squats, lunges and high step ups to
intensify the workout. Don't be scared to use weight, to tone a muscle it's
important to provide an overload. The jumps will give you a cardio burst to
keep those heart and lungs healthy.

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