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If you fail at something, who is to blame? Depending on the situation, it may or may not be your fault. When it
comes to Bodybuilding only YOU are responsible for your actions and results.
There will definitely be many obstacles which will get in your way, but it’s
how you plan, prepare and tackle these obstacles which will make the difference
between failure and success.

Be accountable - Diet

As the saying goes ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.  You need to
make sure you plan and prepare your meals for the day in advance, maybe even
the next couple of days. That will mean buying, weighing, cooking, and storing
your food so that you can be sure you don’t miss a single meal.

Only you can make sure you stick to your diet. Make a record of what meals you have each day and at what time.
Record every time you slip up and why you think that was and how you can avoid
it next time. Be accountable!

Even when you’ve prepared all your meals for the day, something, or someone, will always try to tempt you
away from your diet.  It doesn’t help that as soon as some people know you are following a specific diet, it seems
they are adamant at making sure they do everything possible to help sabotage
your efforts. DONT LET THEM! Tell them what it is you are trying to achieve and
why you are doing it. Hopefully they will then support you, and by telling
friends and family you are then not only accountable to yourself, but also the
people you have told.

It can be so easy to think that ‘just one won’t make a difference’, or ‘I’ll make up for it tomorrow’, but the truth
is that everything really DOES matter, because one soon becomes two, and two
soon becomes three and before you know it, you are no longer following your
planned diet. Be accountable!

Every day you will have to make choices, sacrifices, decisions and compromises when trying to stick to your
diet, but the people and the environment you surround yourself with could make
a huge difference as to whether or not you succeed. Everything from the people
you eat with, where you are when you eat, what you’re doing, and the size of
the plate you eat off can all have an impact on what and how much you eat.
Research has shown that the chances of you becoming obese are increased by 57%
if the people you eat with are obese because you are more likely to follow
their food habits and overeat as you mirror their food choices, quantities and
speed of eating. Be aware of the people and influences around you. Be

It can be hard to resist something, especially when everyone around you is tucking in, and you may tell
yourself that because they are eating it, it is ok for you to have a little.
This is the wrong mindset to have. Just because someone else is happy nibbling
on packets of biscuits all day, it does NOT make it ok.  Do not use other people as an excuse for
straying from your diet. Be accountable!

In order to stick to your diet, you have to change your mind set. Forget the word ‘diet’ and instead think of
it as a new way of eating. You have to change your lifestyle and the way you
think about food.  One of the best quotes
I’ve ever heard is ‘Don’t reward yourself with food – you are not a dog’. Too
often people reward themselves with food. Treat yourself in some other way, but
not with food.

Be accountable – Training.

Be accountable for your actions, only you can make yourself go to the gym, only you can make sure you reach your
goals, and only you are responsible for your results or the lack of as the case
may be.

Make sure you set goals, make sure you record every workout, every rep, every set and every goal achieved. Make
sure you make time for training; no one else will do it for you. When you’re at
the gym, make sure you give it 100%. Only you can do that extra set or that
extra rep, even when you want to give up, don’t, because if you don’t, who
will? You have to put in the effort, no one else. Be accountable!

By holding yourself accountable for your own results, you will see your willpower and confidence increase over
time as you prove to yourself what is possible. You will no doubt also prove a
few people wrong when they doubted your dedication, and there’s no better
feeling than proving other people wrong!

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