9 Weeks Out From My First Show - Ronan Scarlett Keeps You Updated

Since I last wrote about my progress I suffered a major set
back when I got given food poisoning by some chicken that was prepared in my
dirty student kitchen. This put me out of action for a good four or five days,
I was very weak and unable to train or complete any of my set cardio and as for
eating, it was a nearly impossible task.


After being sent home from work on a Friday night the
vomiting started along with the diarrhea which continued throughout the night.
When the morning finally came after what felt like forever I had lost 6lbs over
night. The next few days were difficult because I simply did not have the
stomach for any kind of food...let alone chicken and vegetables so I made an
effort to at least rehydrate myself by drinking lots of water and amino acids
and also upped my intake of multi vitamins and added some zinc as I was told to
do so by my coach.


When my appetite and energy finally came back after about 72
hours straight of being in bed, I trained like I’d never trained before! I had
3 days of two intense training sessions and 2 hours of cardio a day and I was
back looking decent by my own standards. Recently I have noticed deeper cuts in
my legs becoming more apparent and also I think my back is looking a bit harder.


When I went to see my coach to monitor progress he also said
he thought that my waist had come in a bit which was encouraging news as I
always think my waist looks terrible and never changes . As for the way I look
right now at this moment in time, I’m neither happy nor unhappy - it’s just a
case of getting in my cardio every day and I am prioritizing it over weight
training as I have 9 weeks and I really need to get this fat off!


It is coming slowly but surely and starting a new course of
strong fat burners also keeps me encouraged that it will come off eventually.
Training wise I would say my tip for the week which I feel has helped me is
really smashing the bent over barbell rows as I felt very sore in exactly the
right places the next day and saw some improvements in my back .


My back routine this week consisted of –


6x16 bent over barbell rows

5x5 dead lifts


There were also various other supersets of rowing exercises
to try and really hammer my upper back , my favourite superset which I
recommend the readers of FitMag to do to improve their upper back would be bent
over barbell rows straight into one arm dumbbell rows!


So all in all it’s been a tough week but I’m confident in my
next article I will have some exciting progress and some good pictures to match.

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