The Foundations Of Motivation - Battling On Through Temptation

Leading a healthy lifestyle is all about enjoying it, in my
opinion this is the true route to transforming your physique because it becomes
part of you rather than an alien ‘’diet’’ which you view as an unwanted imposter.

Just yesterday I made my way to the cinema to watch the new
American Pie movie with my partner – after the film we were so warn out from
all the laughing we decided to grab some food. I ordered steak and chicken
breast with veg, the fact I wanted NO chips was firmly emphasised to the waitress.
Fast forward 20 minutes and my meal arrived, chips and all. For a man who loves
chips more than his favourite child hood pet (exaggeration to make a point)
working around a plate of chips is not easy, impossible perhaps? All I did was
grab a bowl and off load the chips and got right into my steak! On the face of
it sounds easy, but when you love food like that and it is presented to you like
this it is SO easy to justify it. ‘’Oh just a few won’t hurt’’ which then turns
into ‘’well I may as well finish them now’’ and before you know it boom, plate
of chips gone! The reason for my short story is to illustrate the importance of
self-control and the ability to overcome obstacles. I won’t sugar coat it,
there will be times on a daily basis where you can quickly become diverted off
course – ‘’do you want a biscuit with your tea’’ is something you will hear all
the time. With that said you need to condition the mind to a point where you
can override even the most testing scenarios.

Know Your Goals

So what are your goals? Write them down and then expand on
each goal. If you know you want to achieve a 6 pack in the next 12 weeks then
this will really help engage the mind. When somebody tries to tempt you with
foods which will detract from your progress, knowing your goals with a clear
mental vision will give you a reason to turn them down. To decline an offer is
always hard for many people, yet when you KNOW your GOAL is to look super
ripped in 12 weeks you instantly think ‘’HELL NO’’ I cannot eat this.

Know Your Why

After knowing your goals, you need to know your why. WHY is
it you want to achieve your goals? From here you need to constantly refine the
WHY until you have the clearest and most simple understanding reasoning. This will
help connect your mind to the challenge at hand and to ensure you remain
committed at all times.

Know The Answer

This is a very short and sweet point – know that you will
say NO to any food you are not permitted to eat. How simple is that? If the
plate of chips lands on your table like it did on mine, KNOW that there is
absolutely NO way of justifying it – NO WAY!!

Evaluate & Re-evaluate

On a weekly basis sit down for 10 minutes and evaluate your
progress as well as your efforts. Have you stuck to the plan 100%? Really? This
is not the time for BS excuses, yes or no! Being true to yourself here will
help you plan accordingly for the next week ahead. Sparing yourself these small
10 minute windows once a week will constantly re-engage your mind on the task
at hand.

Using these simple yet very effective principles will help
safeguard you from lapses in motivation – the message is simple, you need true
purpose behind your efforts if you want to stick at it!

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  • Scott Caffrey

    I really liked this review Adam , explained a lot.
    I can personally relate to this but find its the booze that is my craving , keep up the good work,
    ps: would you be interested in becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor, and join the hundreds of other personal trainers involved. if so contact us on above email.
    cheers and remember Keep Lean :)

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