4 Ways To Remain Accountable This Summer!!

The term ‘’accountable’’ is repeated during the heights of
our summer – why? Simply because when you are travelling through a new journey
to change the way your body looks you must remain accountable, and most people ‘’diet’’
in the sunny season. What does accountable mean? Simply put it means you must remain
responsible for your actions and acknowledge that you and only you are in
control of your progress. Just this weekend one of my clients failed to stay
accountable as he reached for the Vodka bottle as the sun sat high in the sky! You
can be sure there were stern words shared, the true art to a successful
transformation is to remain accountable and have titanium will power. Here are
4 ways to stay accountable this summer, even when the weather tries to tempt
you down the path of deviation.


You know what your goals are right? Well that doesn’t mean
you should forget about them – every morning hit the road for a 20 minute walk
which is your time to ‘’meditate’’ and gather your thoughts. During this time
remember why it is you are going through a transformation to reinforce the
reasoning behind your mammoth efforts to achieve your ideal body.

Tell People

So you are going to a BBQ? Make it public you cannot cheat
and eat junk food or indulge in alcohol – why do this? First of all it will
really limit the amount of people who try and offer these ‘’off limit’’ items
to you. Secondly, if you have a moment of weakness there will be enough people
in site to make you feel guilty before committing the crime.

Have Treats

I often say there is no excuse for eating poor calorie
sources because there are SO many ways to eat food which is good for you and
tastes amazing. I am talking chocolate mousse, chocolate bars, chocolate
cookies, fries and burgers not to mention curries. It all comes down to recipes
and knowing how to make these guilt free foods. To start with try our mouse
recipe shared below, and the new PhD Cookies!!

75g Quark Cheese

1.5 scoops white
chocolate PhD Diet Whey

1 tablespoon of
crunchy peanut butter

2 teaspoons of stevia

Add dash of water and
mix into a mousse

Have a Mentor

Are you the type of person who can never stay true to
yourself? OK, have somebody in your life who you cannot bare to let down. Every
day email them your food for the day, your workout and how you feel. Discuss times
where you nearly caved in to cheat food – but above all else make sure this
person stays on your back like a bad rash!!

If you feel you have the mental strength of a china antique
falling twenty feet to the ground I recommend trying these easy yet effective


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