3 Golden Reasons To Strength Train!

As an avid user of the Y3T and DTP training systems I don’t find
myself doing many strength orientated workouts – unfortunately I am fairly
injury prone so my body doesn’t enjoy heavy weight. However, last night I was
left with little choice – a good friend who is a highly talented rugby needed
to learn the ropes of correct strength training so I just went head first into
the workout. For those who are unaware, 2 years ago I suffered a severe tear in
my left spinal rector which causes me great discomfort if I squat or deadlift. Having
not done either exercise properly for ages, I was unsure if my back would play
ball. The outcome was 50-50 it wouldn’t squat, the flexibility wasn’t there but
it was happy to deadlift. After 2 years I nailed a 190kg deadlift which I was
pleased with, but before this develops into an ego trip I want to talk about
the benefits of strength training.

Muscle Fibre Recruitment

Training with heavy compound lifts causes the large motor
units become very excitable equating to maximal muscle fibre recruitment. There
is nothing like good old heavy compound lifts when it comes to forcing maximum
muscle fibre stimulation. After a short burst of just a few strength training
sessions you will notice you are able to lift heavier in all of your workouts,
and more often than not you will also notice an increase in size. This will be
partly due to the fact you are handling more weight and secondly because you’re
anabolic hormone production will be through the roof.


One thing you will notice within about 10 minutes of
strength training is the fact you sweat so much! Strength training is notorious
for burning huge volumes of calories post-training, where for up to 32 hours
your BMR is elevated dramatically. This is largely due to the fact that you are
exerting mammoth levels of effort against a resistance in short bursts, causing
the body to recruit all the energy reserves available.

Hormone Response

Under muscle fibre recruitment I touched on the subject but
here it is again! When you lift weight which you can only manage a handful of
repetitions at best it means it requires immense levels of strength on your
behalf. The one thing the human body does very well is adapt to stresses, and
in this case the stress is heavy weight. As a result it produces more
testosterone and growth hormone to increase its ability to move the resistance,
leading to faster recovery, growth and better strength levels. Simple, yet very

Even if strength isn’t your thing, may I suggest a few
workouts of this nature to really get the juices flowing again!

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