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This month's transformation is a whopper, it really gives testimony to what you can achieve when you train your arse off, eat clean and stay focussed. Before we go any further, I would just like to debunk any suggestion that this decision is in anyway biased because the winner is a client of mine. There is nobody who is tougher on their clients than me, I really don't give a S*** if they like me as long as they respect me and do as I say. In this instance, the client has done exactly that and come out with supreme results.

Meet Kennedy Tsang, a 20 year lad who has a dream of becoming a top fitness model - inspired by the great Rob Riches. At the back of 2011 Kennedy approached me with a view to training together, from there I helped him a little before he became a transformation client. For 12 weeks I pretty much controlled what he did, what he ate and how he trained. Having been into partying in the past it took a little while for me to get it across to him that those days were over, in large, and that to achieve his goal a new lifestyle was needed.

Kennedy achieved this phenomenal transformation in just 8 weeks - the 12 weeks are nearly finished though, and all I can say is if he continues down this path he might well realise his goal and become a top natural competitor and personal trainer.

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