The Gym Fad - Why It Doesn't Last!

Working in a leisure centre you get to know your regular customers, you also get to know the
different types of gym users from the 'same day-same timers' to the 'cardio-
weekenders'. You also see the troops of eager gym goers at two specific times
of year; January and June. These are the 'new year resolution get fit and
healthy new me' types and the 'oh no I’ll be on a beach in 6 weeks better hit
the gym for that beach body' (if only!) types. These people will always be there
and apart from the revenue boost of membership sales for companies at the start
of every year no one seems to care they don't stick it out and become as
obsessed as we are and are happier for it.

So why is it that the 'new year-ers' only last up to two months of the gym, don't find the pull of training and get to see the
effects that it can bring to your life as a whole? The first is ignorance:
'I'll go to the gym and automatically become fitter, healthier and sexier'. The
second is lack of understanding about how the body works and the need to
compliment your training to benefit from the effects and the third is lack of
support. Let's look at these one by one to see if we can conquer the fad and
help create more enthusiastic healthy happy human beings.


1. People need to realise that by pumping iron or running for hours on the treadmill will not
make you into Arnie nor make you an Olympic athlete. They certainly will help
and are the compulsory element but the key is not on their own. Changing your
diet is fundamental, stopping the huge increase of booze on the weekend is a
must and the one everyone forgets about is sleep! Just as much if not more
emphasis must be put on diet, lifestyle and rest by the gym staff, trainers and
the all knowledgeable friends who know exactly what exercises you need to do to
get those massive arms that all women love. And it's not just for the first few
weeks... it's forever! It takes time for the body to react to and change to
diet and exercise and it certainly would much prefer to go back to its old lazy
ways and indulge on fat just the way it's used to.

2. Naturally flowing from point one is that the person needs to understand what compliments their form of exercise and why.
There is no point having a protein shake that's got more carbs than anything
else in it three times a day if you're wanting to lose fat and lean out while
also there is no point in drastically dropping you're food intake because you
want to lose weight, with the correct training you will need to eat more! By
promoting self understanding and not just listening to what your mates say we
can ensure that new gym goers actually understand what they are doing and not
just why.

3. Support that embodies points one and two. Once the newbie has begun to understand their journey and that their journey will
take longer than they think, it is essential that the gym staff continuously
support them with new exercise plans, goals and achievements with detailed
information on why they are changing it and how it will help. Keeping it
interesting and emphasising the point may keep that gym membership being used
throughout the year and even renewed for many years to come.

Though there are obviously more points, reasons and opinions it seemed fitting
to try and narrow it down to a more manageable process. The gym isn't for
everyone and genetics can get in the way of the six pack you always wanted but
maybe by incorporating these (and more) ideas we can start by sharing our joy's
and experience to promote healthy living and fit for life human beings.


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